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MAXUV Report: Free MAXUV Tokens & News - LINE Wallet - 19 September 2019

A new layout, now showing both MAXUV news and something from the broader cryptospace that I find interesting.


Sales remain sluggish, so that member upvotes are low, which means existing MAXUV token-holders are getting rather high upvotes per token.

Today's VVS is 195% in 2 upvotes on 2 posts.

We have placed a few disounted tokens on the market just to stimulate a bit of trading volume.

Our aim remains to have a VVS of 150-200% for 1 upvote on 1 post per day. This will happen as we accumulate more SP through both token sales and powered up rewards.

But please note very carefully that the minimum MAXUV balance is 10 tokens to receive meaningful upvotes. You can, of course, slowly accumulate MAXUV tokens and just 1 MAXUV token will make you eligible for the random freebies below. However, the voter will not issue upvotes if they are below dust threshold.

So what are you waiting for?!

Go to the MAXUV market now!


Crypto News

Messaging App LINE’s Crypto Exchange Goes Live for 80 Million Users in Japan

>BITMAX is available to residents of Japan with a LINE account. No fees are charged for trading, though a charge of 108 yen will be applied for deposits and withdrawals.

LINE is huge in SE Asia. Over to you Calibra.


So... our free random token goes to... @thekittygirl !
Today's winner receives 0.19 MAXUV tokens.
The winner can also donate 1 MAXUV to a user who does not already hold tokens.
You can check the list of current MAXUV token holders on Steem Engine Block Explorer.

Till next time!

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