Visit to take photos of the Guava Garden

Folks, actually like you were excellent to see the photos of my new DSLR camera, I was similarly as a decent to do the main camera photography since I had heard that it has a very class result and it is viewed as the world's most popular camera. Furthermore, most expert photographic artists utilize something similar. My dear companions, I have been exceptionally occupied for a couple of days, so I didn't go out to shoot. I love to shoot outside. I need greenery. Furthermore, there are bunches of plants, roses and loads of things to take pictures of, so my companions took my camera out today to a guava plantation.




A companion went to the guava plantation and I saw a ton of maruto organic product on the guava tree. Indeed, and I got consent from the nursery worker of the guava plantation to go inside the plantation. Inquire as to whether they are not, at this point retained in the association.

Companions, I opened the rear of my camera and took out my charming little camera from inside and took it out. First I zeroed in on the guava tree, at that point,. it engaged and made a charming picture. You can see this image of my life. This is the primary photograph I have taken of a man who has come so solid.


My dear companions this camera is astounding and I think it is an excellent camera and it has made incredible pictures that I am showing you.


In this last picture, you see a little kid. Indeed, this youngster is the proprietor of this guava plantation and this small kid sells the products of this guava and we asked this kid where is your dad. He said that he is at home and I am dealing with my dad. I was extremely intrigued by what he said and I said we should make an image of you once more. This is an image of a guava garden which you can see. At that point, we purchased guavas from this little nursery and returned home

Companions, advise me in the remarks how you like the consequence of my camera and which image of this camera you like the most..

That was all about my very lovely day spend Alhumdulillah!I am thankful to Allah for all I have and each and every day I spend with endless blessings of Allah each day!

With LOVE @maxstock

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