Our Beatitude HEARTs Before NewDex.


We’ve come to a time when we look back to see the miles that we’ve covered, and also look at our glorious future, we do this with a grateful heart to God and to men that He is using for these great tasks.

Steemchurch is barely several months but our foundation is sure and the building is growing, the builders are mindful, making sure they build according to the pattern that was received from the spirit of Christ that is leading the building team.

Beatitude Heart is the blessing of SteemChurch and a symbol of freedom.
We’re freely drinking daily from the heart spring because we bear the seal, and through us, every nations of the earth shall also be blessed with the in Beatitude. I wish above all that every tribe and tongues may see and behold glory in the Beatitude! The poor in spirit, the mourners, the meek, the righteous, the merciful, the pure and the peacemakers are all encouraged to partake, exchange and rejoice. If anyone thirsty, let him come, everyone that believe shall have the seal and partake among the 144,000.

Our Beatitude hearts has started its journey of blessings to many exchanges with its aroma of love unto freedom.

Very soon we shall behold it’s glory and give thanks.


Reading this whitepaper and its approach to NewDex marks a new milestone in our journey of freedom and wellness, the lord is taking us to a land where we can serve him without distractions from the oppressors. And the glory of the ascension shall abide with us for a period of 40 years when we must have been established in our new haven.

Many thanks to our golden heart, the bravest of all times and the Knight of Steemchurch @sirknight and all the people behind our success!

Rejoice my fellow parishioners, evangelize to all creations and proclaim the supremacy of our God who remain a winner in things!

Remember to partake from your weekly lot as sons and daughters of Steemchurch! We have 200 TLOS, 200 Beatitude HEARTs blessings, Uncountable Steem-Engine Tokens, and Many Steem Coin to share this week!

The article below will direct you on how to claim yours!


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