Industrial Mana - Use Your Computer To Remove CO2 From The Air

Industrial Mana

Use Your Computer To Remove CO2 From The Air



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Hello my hunter friends, Today I am going to present a hunt name Industrial Mana. Basically, it is a powerful carbon removal tools through our Dashboard and SDKs.

Industrial Mana provides a virtual cluster of on-demand carbon removal machines, enabling the next generation of teams to secure our future. Source


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06.07.2019 16:20

I have no idea that there is something like this project. This looks like a useful tool for industrial area or inside industry to maintain the air quality.
Nice find!

07.07.2019 02:53

I never heard something like this exist and its possible. This is just awesome innovation which helps to reduce CO2 through the computer. Air is essential for all of us and this tool makes air clean which a great contribution to the planet. Amazing hunt my friend.

07.07.2019 03:27

I don't believe this🤔😱 hunt is mindblowing. You know with ideas i feel we are already in the future

07.07.2019 03:37

This is a pretty wild idea although co2 is good the plants love it, we never had so much food production

07.07.2019 07:12

I don't understand at all how the computers we have can remove CO2 from the air, but seeing the importance of cleanliness and comfort of the environment for the future of posterity, I support the ideas and tools offered by this Virginia-based company.

07.07.2019 08:21

your hunt is cryptic, the site is cryptic and all went over my head. all i could understand is somehow, i can make my laptop usage carbon negative. because somewhere some machine will start absorbing co2 from air.

is that right? nice hunt. totally unique

07.07.2019 09:12

ha ha ha ,
this is the mechanism of this app
read it @karamyog

Industrial Mana is the AWS for carbon removal. You'll have access to an on-demand cluster of virtual carbon removal machines, allowing you to build a carbon-negative app in less than 10 minutes. We automatically calculate your app's carbon emissions (even as it scales) and offset a corresponding amount of CO2 via our carbon-removal "server farm." We utilize proprietary electrochemistry-based carbon removal technology, which allows us to safely remove and store carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere. The more users/traffic your app has, the more CO2 it could remove from the atmosphere.

07.07.2019 11:40

Thanks, i had almost understood it earlier

07.07.2019 11:53


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07.07.2019 15:22