My Younger Brother Captain Cristian Vite. He works for the biggest commercial Airline ...

... in Mexico called Volaris. Cristian always gives me 4 tickets a year so I can use to travel any part of Mexico and USA. I Love You Brother. He actually has really cool Aviation Videos from the 10000 feet above the ground. I decided that I will make him join Appics once the Migration is completed. Have a great weekend Amigos.


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That's great to get these tickets to travel. 😍👍🎟️✈️
Yes he should join appics brother 👌😁 good idea.

15.01.2021 20:25

Thats really awesome! Looking forward to him joining and seeing those awesome captures from above!👍😃✈🛩

15.01.2021 20:56

Hello Cristian 😍 nice to see you. 😊

15.01.2021 20:59

Los videos de tu hermano deben ser impresionantes, con ganas de verlos!

15.01.2021 21:51

He looks very professional and very cool as well am sure you are one proud brother 😉

16.01.2021 02:35

It is good to see him, sincere love and best wishes for him ❤

16.01.2021 03:41

he just looks like you 😁😁 have you been in a plane and he is the captain? 😍 canntt imagine how proud you are on that very moment 😍😍😍

16.01.2021 04:24

Beautiful smile

16.01.2021 04:59