Successful Stream (IMHO)

I streamed Apex Legends live from a little after 10 am today and finished at 2 pm. This will be my schedule for a while as I really enjoyed it. I am surprised and delighted that my little budget pc plays and streams so well. I played several games and I am getting better with each game. I finally got my first kill and shortly thereafter, my first kill by beatdown, followed by a brutal shotgun kill. I didn't win any games yet, maybe tomorrow. Come Watch me tomorrow starting at 10 am! I am really excited to be a part of this and cannot wait to provide more and more entertainment to my viewers. Below is a highlight of my first victories over my enemies, enjoy!

I really like playing the Pathfinder, but, have started to explore other characters as well. I have a lot to learn and will enjoy exploring this game. It is my absolute favorite so far. I have paid a lot for other games that are not as enjoyable. Hope to see you in my chat. I am still looking for help with animations if you know anyone. Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. If you want to partner up and kick some butt, I will be there 10 am to 2 pm most weekdays. I am fungamr on Origin as well.

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