We Can Still Be The Leading Community At The Social Network Of The Year Award : The Noonies.

This is a big slap on our faces, i saw @theycallmedan post 12hours ago. why would gab turned first position when we are all here together as one big family and community. We have done it more than once or twice voted for steemit. Now why are we lacking behind, when I casted my Vote last week we were one the first position on https://noonies.hackernoon.com/award/... .

So what are you stil doing? Hold on to your IPads, Mobile phones,Laptops,Desktops and cast your vote now!

It just three minutes.

Let Win This Award Together.

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Please, steemians let do this for Us! Keep voting

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10.08.2019 01:19

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For your support @matthewanthonyit

10.08.2019 17:19

Thank you

10.08.2019 18:49

I just followed you. Thanks

10.08.2019 18:50