Guess I'm part of the woodwork. Three years today.

There were fewer than 50,000 accounts when I arrived on the 6th of August 2016.
The price was free-falling past $2, and wouldn't regain that level for another 7 months.

Still from Pirates of the Carribean.

I got straight onto Facebook and put the feelers out. One of my friends jumped on as @holoz0r and is still with us to this day.
I think the shadow-banning started not long after, as any post about Steem fell flat from then on.


My first post - - is unfortunately just as relevant today as it was then.
I'm still in touch with the lovely Scarlette, although we no longer work together. She's now married and has beautiful, twin baby boys.

My main motivation for joining up was the permanence of the chain.
People say that once something's on the net it's there forever; but that's not meant as an offer, it's meant as a threat.
Before blockchains, you didn't have any way to make sure desired information would always be available online; I remember seeing guys charging to embed a message in the bitcoin blockchain, so when I understood that Steem flipped that around and offered to pay, rather than charge, I knew I was looking at a viable business model.

My paternal Grandfather took his own life when my Dad was only a baby (PTSD and chronic tinnitus from WWII), so I grew up with an acute appreciation of how fortunate I was to have my Dad in my life, and a sadness at how much he had lost.
So much of who his Father had been was lost when he died; and I knew I didn't want that for my kids.

If something was to happen and I wasn't around to raise Henry, Fletcher and Evelyn to adulthood, if they then wanted to know who their Dad was, I wanted to know they could learn.

Dad, reading a bedtime story to Fletcher

My dear friend and cherished member of the Adelaide community, @minismallholding actually went through and read all of my old posts, and I'm confident she now knows me better than close friends I've known for decades. This is a big part of my hesitation to post too frequently, or on current events. I don't want a future reader to face wading through reams of dated news-sharing to get that understanding.

Me reading to Evelyn

Its been a fascinating 3 years.

  • I lost a gif chess match against @blocktrades, @armen and @brendio.
  • I got to be a millionaire (in Aussie dollars) for less than a day, before the price started unraveling.
  • I've held quarterly hardcore races in Path of Exile, a brilliant game.
  • I've kicked off, (with the help of my boys, @holoz0r and @o07), the #mallsballers here in Adelaide, South Australia, with monthly meetups (last Thursday of the month from 6pm at The Jade, on Flinders St.)
  • I met @rustle and sent him off on his travels.
  • I saw a bright future in Splinterlands and moved in heavy, early, managing to hoard more than 25% of the world's Alpha Flesh Golems.
  • I secured Steem silver round #8/1500 in 2017 and 2018, and plan to do so again this year. I'm also fortunate to count the artists behind both designs as good friends. @bearone, @welshstacker; love your work.

Thanks for making it an incredible 3 years; I'm very much looking forward to the next 3.

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Shit. This means I'm going to have to write something meaningful about my three years on the chain soon as well.

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06.08.2019 13:26

Its the law. Code is law. Something whimsical yet profound or else.

06.08.2019 14:55

Lol I guess I didn't get the memo

06.08.2019 16:29

Cheers to the OG’s!

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06.08.2019 13:31

ha, happy 3 years. congrats mattclarke. :)

06.08.2019 13:33

The path of exile contests have been a real winner with our community!

06.08.2019 13:39

Awesome brother, a man and father to his kids. Happy to see guys like you still around, no matter the prices of Steem. Cheers, here's to another three years and beyond.... Sending Blessing to you and your fam

P.S. Love the Go to jail Monopoly T-Shirt..... Lol

06.08.2019 13:40

Thanks mate. I'm not going anywhere, except the moon maybe :)

06.08.2019 14:57

Sounds like a plan, I'm coming too.....πŸš€

06.08.2019 14:59

Another three years of Poe races, count me in :)

06.08.2019 13:47

Wow awesome stuff congrats! And love the story of your father and your being a father to your kids πŸ’™

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06.08.2019 13:53

I always feel like you've been here so much longer than me, but it's less than a year! Now we've been here so long, it doesn't seem that much longer and in 3 more years it will seem even more negligible, yet so much more happened in that first year that only the 2016 arrivals will have experienced. It's a shame none of the commenters on that first post appear to be still posting.

Izzy has been playing POE recently. She does it on the PlayStation, though as her computer won't handle it. It keeps lagging and then she ends up dying.

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06.08.2019 13:57

Its all relative. I'd actually seen mention of it a few times before I joined up, and I remember thinking how badly I'd wished I'd taken the leap in July.
PoE is a cruel mistress, particularly if its laggy. I play on Xbox which is just stable enough for me to get comfortable and overconfident.
If she can get it up and running on PC it'd be great to have her in the race.
Next one is in about a month.

06.08.2019 15:00

It's an old computer, so I don't think it has the capacity for it. Maybe she can talk her dad into giving his up for part of the weekend...

07.08.2019 07:48

Happy 3 years! Who knows that position you have on Flesh Golems become quite valuable one day. Cheers to SM and what adventures are ahead on this platform.

06.08.2019 14:10

Hoarding more than 25% of the worlds Alpha Flesh Golem's could well turn out to be your finest Steem moment 😁

06.08.2019 14:11

I looked up Cornering markets on wikipedia. Turns out pretty much everyone who tries loses their shirt.
I'm sure that won't happen to me though.
I have a system...
Also, thanks for the resteem :)

06.08.2019 15:21

Are they trying to corner markets where there is infinite supply? Shoulda followed @mattclarke :)

No worries, congrats on making it to 3 (of 20 :) )

06.08.2019 20:18

Mostly "Robber Baron" era, trying to buy up all the copper mines, etc.
There are always substitute products, though. I've gone into it knowing that people can always buy BETA's instead.
Leasing out level 10's has been pretty good so far, and I can only see that getting better over time, Particularly as DEC becomes more valuable.
Guess we'll all find out together.

07.08.2019 03:23

The Alphas bring in more DEC I hear and if I was going to loan in cards, the level 10s would be what I would be looking for.

I really can't see anywhere but up for the cards long term, and hope they turn out to be a cracking investment for those that took the educated risk.

07.08.2019 05:37

Happy 3 year steemaversary @mattclarke! I just had my 2 year steemaversary yesterday and was reminissing about my time here as well.. Cant wait to see what the next few years bring, hopefully ull be an aussie millionaire once again ;) Take care friend.

06.08.2019 14:19

Happy Steemversary dear friend.

Now I have a deeper understanding of the allure of the blockchain for you ❀ and I get it now, I totally get it.

May the year ahead bring more great memories and achievements your way πŸ₯³

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06.08.2019 14:25

Congrats on your Steemiversary.

Like the way you are approaching the "permanence of the chain". Hadn't really looked at it this way. But as my Wife sits there and looks at photos posted on facebook of our kids years ago because they popped up as a "memory" that she can share and I read your post I'm thinking I need to get back to more posts revolving around our lives.

06.08.2019 14:39

Happy steemitversary the 3rd @mattclarke.. I just recognise your id from splintersland πŸ˜† and your children are so lucky to have their dad stories on blockchain.

06.08.2019 15:18

2 dollars at the time?
Sounds so far away right now. ;)

06.08.2019 15:30

Awesome post, heartfelt and meaningful.

I really enjoy your kindness and demeanor here Matt, you are a reliable and consistent positive voice on the chain.

I love you man!!

My 3 year is next month, glad to be on this ride together fellow marker cornerer :)

06.08.2019 15:40

You joined just a few days after me. It's been an interesting journey. Always some drama, but a lot of fun too. There are plenty of good people if you seek them out. I'm wary of putting too much personal information online, especially when it is so permanent, but there's plenty to write about anyway.

06.08.2019 15:54

Congrats brotha! I think I hit my 3 years about a month ago.. Time has flown by fast!!

06.08.2019 16:29

Wow, three years! You're basically a steem dinosaur! And now I know who drove the price of the alpha Golems to an insane price!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Wish you double the success on the next 3 years... and let's get guild to first spot!

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06.08.2019 16:51

Congrats! I created my account in February 2017 but started posting only in June 2017. It's been one hell of a ride. From the depths of $0.069 per STEEM on March 10 2017 to the dizzying height of $8.57 on January 3 2018. It's $0.209 when I checked a moment ago. Development has picked up pace during the bear market and the whole chain is in vastly better shape than it ever was during the bull run. These valuations are really just garbage. There is no price discovery apart from blind speculation. When we have hundreds of games as successful as Splinterlands on chain and turning profit, then we may perhaps begin to be able to estimate a value for the base layer.

06.08.2019 20:26

So true. I haven't dropped any fiat in for ages, but if they want to offer me STEEM under 20c, that's going to be difficult to pass up.

07.08.2019 03:19

Yes, imagine 10 cent STEEM. For only $500 you could be come an instant dolphin. Steem didn't die last time when the price was at 7 cents and there was no MIRA to keep the cost of running a full node down. At 10 cents there would be little downside left but based on the past, the upside could be huge. It could go up 100x or more like it did last time.

07.08.2019 08:58

That’s awesome mate. Congrats on the 3 years, and what a 3 years it has been!
I love the idea of keeping a record/blog of special moments with the family on the blockchain.I think your kids will love reading about their childhood through your eyes when they grow up. I also setup a blog just for my family moments and kids’ childhood memories and I’ve been resteeming all the family posts on to that account.

It’s been great getting to know you here too, and you’ve always been a great encouragement in the community.

Look forward to a lot more years on Steem.


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07.08.2019 05:29

Congratulations on the three years and counting, @mattclarke.

I'd say a million in any money (for the most part) is pretty cool to hold.

In my case, the more SP I have, the smaller my USD is. I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to happen like that, but obviously, it is. STEEM value ever gets back to $2, though, I don't think I'll know what to do. A 100% upvote worth nearly 10 times what it is now? That would be almost $1! The most I've been able to hand out so far is $0.31 or so, while the reward pool was settling down after last HF.

Ah, the good old days. There isn't a law that says we can't have good new days, right? Sure don't hear about them. :)

07.08.2019 05:58

Yes we are, and I assure you the pleasure is all yours.....

Happy steem-iversary 🍻🍻 Here is to another 3 yrs and many more..

07.08.2019 07:37

Yay I'm glad you popped out of the woodwork, I was starting to feel a little down even though having been here long enough now I was fully expecting the posts that are popping up regarding geographic cutlery code.

Happy steemiversary :D

And that is an impressive amount of Flesh Golems O_O

07.08.2019 13:55

Wow, three years!! What a ride. I remember that millionaire day!

Thats so sad about your Granddad. It must have affected your old man so deeply. And those were the days when they just didnt know how to deal with trauma... not that they have it perfect now. Tinnitus is awful... it must have totally compounded things.

I keep forgetting you are Australian. @minismallholding is a gem. I must visit next time Im in Radelaide.

07.08.2019 21:08

Yes she is. Please do, aim for the end of the month, and stop by a meetup :)

07.08.2019 21:26

Oh gosh, not til next year Im afraid!!! We have a whole year off, planning on a road trip. Enjoy the meet up though!

07.08.2019 21:28

Oh yes! Hopefully time it so you're around for the last Thursday in any given month and stop by the mallsballers meetup

08.08.2019 03:08

I will plan it to be so!!

08.08.2019 04:02

Happy Steemversary @mattclarke! You have been through the wringer at three years. I have been here for two and time flies when you are having fun. Bravo for hoarding more than 25% of the world's Alpha Flesh Golems.


Well, I am one of those that still believe in Steem so I am off to buy a chunk. I mean, how low can it go? Shhhhh. Not that.


07.08.2019 23:12
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07.08.2019 23:13

congrats!!! time flies!!

gosh i forgot about the Steem silver round. I think Bearone reminded me a few weeks ago and now i think i've missed the boat cry

07.08.2019 23:45

No, @raybrockman is the man to follow. He's currently accepting photographic proof that we hold specific numbers (in the top 100) so that he can allocate us the same numbers this year. No orders placed yet. :)

08.08.2019 03:50

ahhhhh cos i only got last years one .... don't think it was top 100 either hahah but i have followed him now :)

08.08.2019 07:01

I love the meet ups. We have a core group, and those who turn up when they can. I always learn something new about the Steem there because people use it differently, seemingly every month. There's always a new dApp that comes, and unfortunately... goes but each attempt at least proves what is possible and what isn't.
I do wonder how many dApps would still be around if Steem had gone up instead of down last year.

09.08.2019 12:23

!giphy happy+anniversary

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11.08.2019 04:52

11.08.2019 04:52

I'll be making my own 3-year post soon. I had hoped the falling STEEM price would at least have the positive effect of driving off the bid bot abusers and spammers, but they are a determined lot. Oh, well. When BTC starts to drop off, I suspect people will be looking for other altcoins, and STEEM may pick up then. Right now, everyone is too focused on the BTC market alone.

11.08.2019 09:49

Hey, Matt,

Just popping in to say "Congrats."

I managed to not notice my 3-year anniversary due to being on somewhat of a Sabbatical from writing...

Also wanted to say thanks for your perennial support. :D

- @creatr


18.10.2019 07:29