End of year plans for Adelaide steemsters; and my application to join pennsif's Ambassador program.

We're slowly climbing out of 2019.

Roll on 2020.

Saturday the 14th, we'll be holding a BBQ at Angus Neil Reserve in Seacliff (short walk from the train station on the Seaford line.)

If you're reading this, and can get there, we'd love to see you.

To move with the times, we'll be splitting the afternoon/evening up.

From 3 til 5:30 we'll be focusing on blogging, vlogging, communities, SMTs and the future of the chain, particularly the direction we'll be taking Adelaide.

From 5:30 til 8 we'll be talking blockchain gaming, with a focus on Splinterlands.

Naturally anyone who's interested can stay for the whole time, but if you're only keen on one topic or the other, feel free to come late or leave early.

Feed them too late; blogwai turn into monsters :)

I'll be doing sausages, patties, various meats on sticks, salads, bread, rolls and sauces from 5pm.
BYO drinks. Alcohol is fine.

There's plenty of seating, but I'll have some folding chairs in the car in case.

Big playground for the kids; my 3 will be there and possibly a cousin or two.

Beach is straight across the road, so a swim is an option if its hot on the day.

I'll also be organising a couple of big blocks of ice, for sliding down that grassy hill, which is steeper than it looks.

We had another quality meetup at The Jade on Oct 31, with some magnificent Halloween dress-ups.
I believe @shaidon's headcount landed on 15.

One more there on Nov 28th, then we'll miss December (apart from the BBQ) and reconvene on Jan 30 - 2020.

Pennsif has rolled out an Ambassador program and is looking for volunteers.

I hereby nominate myself for consideration; as I'd like the chance to swap notes with other ambassadors, share my experience building Adelaide, and brainstorm with the group.

I've been organising regular meetups since the first Adelaide BBQ in October 2017.

I've also run various promotions, including a 500 SP delegation to 20 Adelaide steemsters for all of 2018.

Also spearheading and funding @frogcake, the Adelaide comment upvote bot, which has been going strong and growing in native SP for more than 12 months now, thanks to the tireless coding and maintenance efforts of @lordnigel and @holoz0r.

I've never been more excited about the future of this chain.

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mattclarke for Ambassador!

might see you there on the 14th

14.11.2019 03:21

14.11.2019 03:30

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14.11.2019 03:23

Sounds Good matt, it's in my diary

14.11.2019 03:48

Excellent. I see frogcake is firing on all cylinders too :)

15.11.2019 03:44

Good work bro - Ya may see me there, depends on Faith as she works Saturday's.

14.11.2019 03:51

I expect it will be nothing less than a roaring success!

14.11.2019 04:07

You will be a great choice full stop xx

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14.11.2019 05:14

This is great, thank you Matt.

Funny to see the sun and t-shirts when we've just had our first snow today here in Wales!

14.11.2019 09:04

One of these days I will just show up. :)
Have fun!!

14.11.2019 11:11

That'd be great. Invite's open to anyone who can get there.

15.11.2019 03:48

I'll be there. Just adding to my calendar now. :D

14.11.2019 11:44

You've pretty much got most of the areas covered for being an ambassador. Couldn't be a better fit, IMO.

Will have to get back to you nearer to the time on the barbie. Good location choice on the Seaford line. :D

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14.11.2019 13:13

Its a busy time of year, particularly for families :)

15.11.2019 03:43

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15.11.2019 05:04

....surely that's an easy yes from @Pennsif ??. Adelaide is already the Steem capital of Australia thanks to your vision, inspirational speeches and crazy inteprative dance...oh! or was that me after a few drinks at the Jade?.

Good luck with your app, you don't need it (there is no steem without @mattclarke in my books).

15.11.2019 08:09

Amen to that. If @mattclarke isn't a role model for the job then I'm a monkeys uncle......

16.11.2019 02:49

Thanks, mate :)

17.11.2019 12:33

You are steembassador whether you officially get the title or no XD

15.11.2019 12:38

Thanks, Ry :)

15.11.2019 13:34

A very delayed "I'll be there"

17.11.2019 22:35