The title says it all, but I'll break the situation down for the sake of transparency since this is a serious accusation to make. User @virtualgrowth is currently scamming me out of $1000 worth of Bitcoin. I feel like not being transparent with this situation with the public and the community would make me guilty of letting someone get away with conning other community members. I'm writing this as a warning since @virtualgrowth gets around a lot both online and in the crypto space at conventions, events, etc. People need to know who they're potentially dealing with and will hopefully avoid falling prey to a con artist/scammer that spins them a hard luck story.

I absolutely hate making this post since I considered @virtualgrowth a good friend of mine, but I have to do this. He has left me no choice and I've given him countless opportunities to remedy this situation but he chooses to figuratively continue to spit in my face. @virtualgrowth is Jimi Jacob Hanafin. He's around 40 year's old, and this is what he looks like in case you run into him in person:


I think that, that is enough information to release about him without totally doxxing the guy, which I could do at this point. I'm only releasing enough information so that people can utilize it to protect themselves and to avoid a shitty situation with Jimi.

Here's how it all began:

In the comments, you can see our initial interaction, here's the thread that I'm talking about:

I message VG on telegram and then continue the conversation with him via text. Take note of the double checkmarks on the Telegram log, that means that he has not only received the message, but opened and read it as well. Here's our conversation on Telegram:


After this, we took the conversation to Signal Messenger (text messaging). We chatted a bit, agreed on the terms that he would pay me back on or before August 7th 2019, I sent him the Bitcoin, he thanked me and that was it. Below you see that I started contacting him on August 6th 2019 to see what was up and if he was ready to settle up, here's how that played out.


At this point, I discovered that he had been home and not only had he been home, he had been going to the casino . . . So I this makes me think that he just straight up lied to me and gambled my money away, then chose to ghost me. There are many more messages on almost a daily basis, all delivered just fine, but literally NO reply from Jimi, AKA @virtualgrowth.

Unfortunately, after trying to get ahold of @virtualgrowth and talking in his telegram channel, I was kicked (censored!) because apparently they're fans of scamming people, betraying their trust, and censorship. After voicing the situation in there, I had around 5 people contact me privately talking about similar experiences that they've had with Jimi, so sadly this doesn't seem like something new . . .

And that's that! @virtualgrowth currently carries the status of scammer, con artist, and thief in my book and I think that everyone should know about it.

This post can be edited/deleted if and when Jimi pays me back by sending 0.08736588 BTC to this address to square up:


This address and amount has been known since the start and is where payment is needed, so if you're interested, feel free to monitor the status of the deposit at:

It sucks that it has come to this, but I've gave him countless chances to avoid this situation, but as I said before, he has chosen to figuratively continue to spit in my face and rob me.

@virtualgrowth, the ball is in your court, buddy. Fix this situation, you're the only one that can do it . . .


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It looks like it was gambled away as you suggest since a person with good intentions wouldn't ghost you even if you don't have the money, you face them and do whatever you can to pay up :-(

20.09.2019 01:03

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20.09.2019 01:21

That sucks some dirty asshole, man. Sorry you've gotta deal with such a shitty situation.

20.09.2019 01:46

Wow!! Thats some dirty ass shit right there. I know you well, and I know you were probably just trying to extend your hand and help someone in need. People who go out of their way to shit on a kind gesture are the worse kind.

This post was completely deserving and valid. I will resteem this post. You did the community a solid by giving them an indepth warning.

20.09.2019 03:12

Thanks, I'm just hoping that 1). This inspires him to settle up so it's removed and 2). Makes him realize that doing stuff like this is extremely dirty and he doesn't do it anymore.

20.09.2019 20:44

gambling dept transforms honest good people into scammy dept zombies owing money to most of their friends

20.09.2019 03:21

Unfortunately, that's what it's looking like :-/.

20.09.2019 20:54


20.09.2019 03:21

Such drama, you've earned a DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

20.09.2019 03:21

Dude, I have to give you this.. To not know someone and yet give out your money is just a big heart.. Sad, people intend to misuse it..

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20.09.2019 04:17

The thing is, is that I have known him for years, met him numerous times in real life, and even shared rentals with him. I thought I could definitely trust him and decided to help a friend in need.

20.09.2019 20:53

Mann... that sucks even more. When you know a person, it is just shit for them to behave like this... Still, buddy, you are one good guy!

21.09.2019 04:02

It's so sad how people can do stuff like can they sleep at the saying I always use is ''the wheel will turn'' for him...all the best luck, I hope you will get your money back

20.09.2019 04:23

Thanks. Yeah, I don't get how people can not have any integrity and back stab people like this.

20.09.2019 20:59

I wouldn't call him a scammer unless you can prove that it was premeditated. Going ahead and doxxing him is kind of harsh, but sure to some people $1000 is a lot of money and they'd ruin someones life over it.

It looks and sounds like the guy has got himself into a bit of trouble. Maybe a gambling addiction or poor discipline with money. I'm not defending what he's done but there is clearly more to this story.

20.09.2019 07:23

I'm definitely calling him a scammer. He lied to be about his circumstances in order to get the loan (premeditated). Did you read the entire post? This has been ongoing for months and he has been home, hitting up the casino, etc. All the while, getting, opening, and reading my messages and not replying 1 single time. I've literally begged him to not make me make this post for over a month now. He reads the messages and doesn't reply. So here we are.

I didn't dox him. I gave people his name, his rough age (I know his birthday), and a photo of what he looks like because he frequents tons of conventions and events. I purposely left out DOB, phone number, address, etc.

I've met him quite a few times at conventions/events, known him for years, and have even shared a rental with the guy. I regarded him as a friend.

20.09.2019 20:52

I'm sorry you got ripped-off. I truly hope you can get it sorted out because the it's genuine hurt when you get betrayed in that fashion.
Big respect to you in trusting a stranger because its those sorts of leaps of faith that make the world a better place but when this happens....:-(
Its no consolation but you come out of this with dignity and a man of integrity with a very measured response.
Best wishes.

20.09.2019 08:20

Thanks. I'm hoping that I get to delete this post and everything works out. But until he fixes the situation, this is the reality of it . . .

He isn't a stranger to me, though. I've met him quite a few times, known him for years.

20.09.2019 21:00

Did you not take any form collateral?

20.09.2019 09:14

Nope, he was "away from everything," and "needed a loan until he got back home," which is why I gave him the loan. I've met him several times in person and knew him well enough to think that I could trust him.

20.09.2019 20:24

Dam sorry to hear that man. @virtualgrowth pay the man what you owe him. He gave you the money in good faith, to help you out in your time of need trusting you to pay him back. Do you want to be known as a thief that can't be trusted or the man that made this situation right. Man up and pay your debt. Upvoted and resteemed.

20.09.2019 11:49

That sucks to hear mate.

20.09.2019 16:36

Yeah, I really hate that it has come to this. I've been warning him about this post for about a month and a half now, nearly everyday, begging him to make me not make it. But he hasn't replied to me one single time. Not once. And he opens/reads the messages . . . It's pretty fucked up.

20.09.2019 21:03

I remember this story from sfr.

Sucks that its still going on.

He does look kinda shady with that nasty looking beard.
Pretty hard to believe that calling him out like this will work unless he, unhealthily, cares so much about what some steemians think he never met and will never meet in his life.

I wont repeat it here word by word but enforcing this in a more hands on manner is one of the last options you got in my opinion.

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20.09.2019 17:43

He constantly is at conventions and events, many people here DO know him personally, including myself. If he doesn't fix this situation, his reputation is going to suffer big time, but I'm holding onto hope that this can all be fixed and I get to delete this post.

20.09.2019 21:05

Sorry to hear that! Proceed with legal action against him if he necessary.

21.09.2019 02:21

I wish that I could, but you can't get blood out of a turnip as they say, or a fucking bum.

22.09.2019 03:47

I think he needs to come to his senses. Money earned in this way will not bring joy and pleasure to anyone. May you all be well.

The main thing is not to lose dignity in any situation.

And money necessarily to return.
A smart man will always find a way to make money...


23.09.2019 10:56

I've had something similar to this happen to me multiple times in my life. People take advantage of your generosity and good nature and once you have been burned by them you turn into someone that just doesn't trust anyone, even the people that you should.

It's a shame that this happened to you man. I immediately think of the times that i have been burned (although not in something as untraceable or irretrievable as BTC) but I feel your pain :(

24.09.2019 10:21

@matt-a lost a lot more than $ 1.000. He lost his dignity and above all a great friend.
I hope he understands his mistake...
I hope this bad story can have a happy ending...

27.09.2019 10:23

I can't count how many times that this has happened to me to be honest. I try to trust people that I feel as though are worthy of being trusted, then get taken advantage of. I'm not some balling out of control person, I came from extreme poverty and still live like it. I know how it is to be stuck in a hard spot, so I like to help people as long as they keep their word. It's a respect thing. When that's broken, it really fucks with you, bad.

I truly hated making this post, but @virtualgrowth gave me no choice but to make it. I literally begged him many, many times to reply to me and to help me not make this post, but he didn't reply ONE single time to me, despite reading all of my messages. This leads me to believe that he's simply a bum, a con artist, and a shitty, lazy person with ill intentions that wants to suck whatever he can for free from people by betraying them. And for that, he'll get exposure.

27.09.2019 18:49

Hey there, @matt-a! I'm someone you know. I've been away from Steemit for a while, but I created this account for a creative writing project writing about creepy Reddit stories and unexplained videos. You killed my introduction post, though 😥

If I could reveal my true identity to you while keeping this account anonymous, I can message you on discord if you reply with your username.

You sent me an EOS sticker nearly two years ago that's still stuck to my laptop 😉 please remove your downvote, bud

30.09.2019 11:42

Actually, I think that I may have flagged your post on accident. Removed the downvote, sorry about that.

01.10.2019 11:42

Sall good, my friend. Thank you

01.10.2019 12:03

Being that this is still up, I guess it is not resolved. Could understand if he was a complete stranger, so sad that he was a person you counted as a friend.

07.10.2019 20:23

Yeah, as of the time of writing this, he still hasn't replied to me ONE single time. Straight up betrayal . . . It's absolutely ridiculous . . .

As time passes, I'll make periodic fresh posts to update people if he doesn't fix the situation. People need to know how he operates, who he is, and what he looks like if this is how he's going to go about things . . . He gets around a lot in the community at conventions, etc.

07.10.2019 20:28