The beauty of my Area . Pain is there but there are thorns too, touching them with renunciation

Hello friends, this morning when I went out for a walk after praying, I saw a lot of trees, some of them were palm trees and some were cactus trees and some were symbols, etc. Each tree has its own wood. Tali wood The furniture is made of wood and the wood of the cooker is also made of furniture but it is sold at high prices. All the work of furniture in Chiniot is done with the wood of the cooker and I saw another cooker. This tree is big. It was not small and had thorns on it. It is called mountain kicker
That infidel nature cannot be made because its wood is not thick, it has many thorns on it, it has branches that grow big, people cut it and burn it, it is often seen on the side of the road. It is very difficult to cut it. Its thorns are very dangerous. Its thorns come out of the sandals and injure the feet. Its thorns are thick and strong. These trees are often on the side of the road. There are

Its leaves are also long and beautiful. If its leaves are broken, they fall off like leaves. Its leaves are open and soft. Your leaves are also beautiful. But its cut is very hard.

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