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What is Kyusho Pressure Point Summation about? This comes from a question I was asked today as to whether I had heard of or new the term. Now this is not something I can recall Dr Steve Steward saying. But I could be wrong.  And I am going to ask to find out. 

However the term interests me. Kyusho Pressure Point Summation, I see a tie in with Quantum Kyusho Jitsu here.  Therefore I am going to assign my own ideas and definition to it based on the actual meaning of the word, especially from a medical standpoint. 

Summation Definition

There is a definition of the term summation in neurological study. And this definition seems to be VERY applicable to the science of pressure point self defense Kyusho Jitsu.

"The aggregation of a number of similar neural impulses or stimuli.  The cumulative effect of a number of stimuli applied to a muscle, nerve, orreflex arc.

This is pretty cool! And I can see how we can apply this to Kyusho Jitsu! Let's get into this!
Kyusho Pressure Point Summation - Goal

What is the goal or goals when we look at a pressure point strike or manipulation? There are 3 potential goals or outcomes. They are as follows:

1) Death - This is the high end of the spectrum. To strike or manipulate a combination of pressure points that will result in either instant death or delayed death.  This would require a deep understanding of how death can occur and which pressure points are deadly. 
2) Brain Dysfunction - Often time referred to as a Kyusho Knockout but much more correctly referred as a Neurological Knockout. This can be as simple as disorientation, to dizziness and unconsciousness.  This can also lead into body dysfunction like blindness or the inability to walk.
3) Pain - Pain can be used for control and compliance of an attacker. This is especially useful in low escalation self defense situation and every situation begins as low escalation levels. Knowledge of the most painful pressure points on the body is a must. 

Kyusho Pressure Point Summation - Probability of Success

Now this is something I have been doing on a personal level for a long time. And it is honestly not for every student. It depends on how you wish to be challenged and how much. Some people just want to learn about effective pressure points and how to use them. Like in my video course the 10 Best Pressure Points for Self Defense.
And that is just fine. But others want to learn how to "map" the body, and figure out the most effect combinations of pressure points to get the desired results or goals listed above. Hence Kyusho Pressure Point Summation is for this type of student!

Kyusho becomes Science

I have stated this many times. Kyusho Jitsu for me is a science. This is because I study pressure point combination versus variable factors and conditions to try to find predictable outcomes. 

And the variables are many! Really to many to name. We must also include the different Kyusho Jitsu Principles and concepts like Quantum Kyusho that can be applied. 

Let's look at one such example
Cross arm Finger Lock - Pain

In a cross arm finger lock the goal is pain and therefore control. So my right hand is to his right hand and I have the Large Intestine and Pericardium Fingers. 2 Way Action is applied. There is however for this example no "basing" of the Uki's arm taking place. Doing so make this an experiment more in body mechanics that pure Kyusho.
In respect to the idea of keep this article below 2000 plus words I am going to describe 2 scenarios in the video below.

Finish the article and watch the video here

Have an awesome day!

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

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