Kyusho Jitsu Winter Season

Here is today;s blog post. Winter is coming? Are you ready?


Martial Arts training is a life long journey. When I was a kid it was spoken as to the fact that training was an equalizer for a larger and stronger attacker. Today the thought process is very different. Why is that? Because "old knowledge" is often times not taught and people are obsessed with "working out" over real training. That is what the Kyusho Jitsu Winter Season is about. The time of life when you really understand what has been missing from your training and work to fix it. 

Life is broken into seasons. And Kyusho Jitsu teaches at high levels about the seasons of life.  And the truth is as you grow older, the more you need the missing information that is hidden in every martial art.

Kyusho Jitsu Winter Season - Aging

Often times aging Martial Artists are not a pretty sight to see. Many put on vast amounts of weight, and are then ridiculed for it, which is funny because it is often the kettle calling the pot black. And the harder you train in youth the more like you will have weight issues later in life. And the harder you trained, often the more sever the issues later. Injuries catch up with you, for some arthritis sets in. Physically we change, but in our hearts we remain young.

Growing Old with Grace

This is what we all hope, to grow old and have a little grace with it. Maybe some wisdom. Wisdom will tell you that it is perhaps time to control the ego, relax and enjoy life. I know that is what I have done here in my life. I am not taking it “easy” but I have made life simpler.

Today the face of martial arts is very different. Sport is now the BIG fad, and yes it is a fad.
The fad will last, but personally I see little to no value in it. But hey that is just me, it does not mean I am right or I am wrong. However, what concerns me is the attitude of some, is that they will never age, or have the concerns that we as we approach the Kyusho Jitsu Winter Season have.

And I am not expecting to see much wisdom from this generation. And as time goes on I know wisdom will be lacking.

What exactly do I mean? People today, martial artists today do not see the long term consequences or karma of their actions. I remember kicking like this in the image below. But today my hips hate me for it. 

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Have a great day!

Yours in the arts,
Grand Master Art Mason

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