$CHONK Fishing Farm Update Released!

Hello Chonkies and Future Chonkies,

Today was an exciting milestone for the $CHONK community. The long awaited fishing release was out in the wild. We saw plenty of early bird gets the worm type of Chonkies quickly getting to staking $CHONK and LP tokens to the liquidity pool at (fish.chonker.finance).

Also, the OG Founder's edition NFT card of Chonk Chan was also dropped to every pre sale investor today. If you're so inclined to have an animated Chonk Chan NFT yourself, you can buy one here: (https://opensea.io/assets/0xc805658931f959abc01133aa13ff173769133512/1/)

Who will be the first Chonkies to receive the wild and legendary NFT cards? Who will be the winners for the the sought after OG Satoshi and Vitalik NFT's? Only time will tell! Until then stick around and MEME with the community (https://t.me/chonkerfinance) and even start fishing if you want to give it a chance to win one of these potentially very valuable NFT cards.

To find out more information about the liquidity pools, and the amount of $CHONK that you need to stake: (https://chonkfinance.medium.com/chonk-uniswap-liquidity-pool-lp-101-f24af61cc9d6a)

If you'r just learning about (chonker.finance), you might want to watch this "into to fishing" video:

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