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Steem has been one of the best performing platform i have seen. Its features are so user-friendly. One important feature why i love steem is how decentralised it is, anyone can post whatever he or she likes provided they are free from plagiarism and he or she would never be judged or penalised. Steem has really helped me expressed my views and not only that has thought me a lot. I am very happy to share my entry to the contest entitled What I have learned lately on steemit by @mcsamm. Thanks for this contest . I will share my thoughts in points below.

  • I discovered this when i started my journey of promoting steem. I never thought one could promote his business on the steem platform. All i knew was it was for people who love to write articles but i was wrong. Steem has been one of the fastest growing social media platform that is growing or getting so popular in my country. I remember at school all my friends wanted to pay using either sbd or steem.
    We never saw the need to use it as a tool or platform to promote our businesses. I decided to venture in the journey of promoting steem through business about 3 weeks ago and i have seen that businesses will move quicker on steem. People on steem prefer to send steem or sbd for items they purchase here. This in return adds so much value to steem and increases the demand. All the businesses i brought on steem have benefitted one way or the other. Sometimes we pay when steem is down and investors sell when is high yielding so much profits after sales which is far better than our local fiat which are stable.

Some of my recruits who now accepts payments through

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-29 at 7.54.49 PM.jpeg
@beniba who sells yoghurt now accepts steem.

@hydra who i bought some items from not long ago.


  • Next thing i want to talk about is powering up. Powering up is the process of convering your steem to steem power. Powering up has been one of the things the curators talk about each time they vote on post. I discovered the importance of powering up when i was denied a vote from the curators, its funny though but i guess it was a good lesson for me because i never knew is rewards until that day i read more about it. Right now i have taken it upon myself to power up atleast 50 every week. This doesnt just attract curators but the benefits i get from voting others is very great. In order to get the attention of curators one has to take powering up as his habit. Also they arent saying dont exchange your steem for fiat but all the saying is power up even if its 5% of your rewards, powering up maintains and boost the value of steem.


  • Another key thing i discovered in the past month is consistency and i took that note from a comment by curator01 where he was listing out how they votes on post where he said they check for consistency. I realised that some people post today and unless 2-3 days time before they post again. This habit shows you are not consistent so anytime votes are coming priority is given to users who are consistent. Atleast if you have nothing writing, you should post a diarygame just to keep track and not missing on votes when they are coming.

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-24 at 12.11.38 AM (5).jpeg

  • I also learnt how to delegate SP to accounts and also set beneficiaries to post payout. Delegation of Steem power is something that is encouraged so much to do. This helps to increase the SP of communities thereby helping to vote higher on posts to support its users. Currently i have delegated 100SP to steem-ghana. This is my Countrys community so i ought to support them. Not just do i support them but i also earn some curation rewards anytime they vote with the account. Below is a screenshot of my delegation


I also did learn how to set beneficiary to my post each time. Setting beneficiaries are also very important just like the delegation. This also donates a percentage of your total outcome to the community in which you set for it. This rewards are later on used to power up or converted steem. Some of these steems are used to reward users who win contest sometimes. I urge we all to set at least 10% beneficiary to every community we post in.

Thanks so much to @mcsamm for this wonderful contest. I must confess that i had a lot to share. I really hope we all learnt something from my entry. Thanks to all those who participated. I enjoyed reading your post as well and i really learnt so much from it.

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You're really doing a good job. Keep it up

31.05.2021 00:13

thanks bro

31.05.2021 17:21

There are a lot of stuffs I recently learnt...I think I have to join this contest to express myself as well

31.05.2021 00:31

Sure bro

31.05.2021 04:57

Congratulations...!!! You Got Upvote
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31.05.2021 16:57

Consistency is key indeed

01.06.2021 20:44