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Hello Students and you are welcomed to the first English class. My name is @massachussets and i will be taking you for the grammar session. I must say i am very happy that we are finally getting started for this course. In todays lecture, i will be sharing my first topic which is Word. I will try my best to explain it to your satisfaction. Lets get started

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A word in simple language is just the combination of words that gives a meaning. An example of a word is man which consist of 3 letters, that is m+a+n which gives us the word man when combined together. Word is not just a combination of 3 letters like the example given earlier but we can have the following as well.

Single letter word - A, I
Two letter word - me, on, at etc
Three letter word - man, bat, put
Four letter word - part, word, cane etc
five letter word - class, teach, serve etc
Now after we now know these, let us now talk about the types of word we have.


Types Of Word

These are also called the classes of word or parts of speech. In English grammar, we have eight classes of word. These classes of word are :

  • Noun
  • Pronoun
  • Verb
  • Adjective
  • Adverb
  • Preposition
  • Conjunction
  • Interjection

These 8 are further classified into 2 parts. These two parts are :

  • Open Classes
  • Closed Classes

Lets take them one by one


Open Classes

Open classes are class of words which always have the tendency to be changed. What do i mean by this ? These are classes which are always open to change, this means that they can also be manipulated. In open class new words are formed while the old ones are dropped. The 8 classes of word which fall under this category are noun, verbs, adjective and adverbs . A perfect example which we all can relate is with the introduction of a computer which is a noun, this invention brought out words such as internet, download and many more. Also day in day out new words emerge, these words are either under a noun or any of the 4 classes mentioned above.


Closed Class

Just like we said, open are subject to changed, Closed classes on the other hand are classes of words which do not take any form of addition. These words are always fixed and can never be changed. The 8 classes of words that fall under this category are , pronoun, determiners , prepositions and conjunctions. A perfect example that we use in our daily writing is our famous the and a which fall under determiners which can not be changed nor altered.


HomeWork Task

  1. Explain in your own understanding the definition of Word
  2. List down the classes of word and give 5 examples each.
  3. Explain the two classes of word.
  4. Research on open classes and list about 5 examples of invented words in the field of Computer technology.
  5. Research on closed classes and give 5 examples as well. Try and explore more.


Class rules:

There are some rules for enrolling on the course that the students have to follow all the time.

  • Students must write at least 250 words.
  • Students must be serious and must always stick to the course.
  • Students must attend classes on a regular basis and complete the homework that teachers will give them in class.
  • Students must submit assignments before deadline.
  • No plagiarism is allowed.
  • Students who will miss three assignments they will be taken out of the class.
  • Learners have to be respectful to each other.
  • Being abusive toward anyone either teacher or fellow students will result in being permanently banned from the community and discord.
  • Homework Task runs until 22nd October, 2021, Time- 11:59 PM UTC.
  • Add tag #massachussetts-s1week1 #englishclass in your post and should be among the first five tags. You can also use other relevant tags like #word. Always post in the Steem Skillshare Community
  • Your homework title should be Word- Steem Skillshare - S1W1- Homework Post for @massachussetts

Feel free to ask me any question in the comment section if you have any doubt on Homework-Task

Thank you

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