$5 million dollar giveaway just announced by Bittrex Global and HedgeTrade


Hey everybody, big news for our friends over at Bittrex Global and HedgeTrade. They are launching their new partnership with a $5 million dollar giveaway.

Basically, you need to sign up to HedgeTrade's accountability-based social trading platform, buy some HEDG on Bittrex, move it to a HEDG wallet and then get bonus HEDG in relation to how much you deposited. Up to $5000/user in HEDG equivalence.

Official press release is here:


Here's how to enter the giveaway:

Sign up: https://app.hedgetrade.com/login/affiliate/Ym56rK
Buy HEDG at Bittrex Global
Send to HedgeTrade account
Get 20% bonus in HEDG ($5,000 equiv. max/user)

Learn more about HedgeTrade here: https://hedgetrade.com/how-it-works/

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