Which Are the Best Adjustable Beds: Buyer Reviews [2019]

Is your adjustable beds mattress starting to feel like a bowl of jello by losing all of its firmness? You’re not alone and you won’t believe how many people just bite the bullet by keeping their old adjustable beds mattress for whichever reason. With so many places claiming their memory foam mattresses are the best while offering super low ball prices, its very deceiving to decide which is the best option. This type of buyer situation is what led me on the hunt for the best adjustable beds that offer quality memory foam mattresses. It blows my mind how many online and retail companies try selling them separately in hopes the buyer thinks the low price they’re seeing includes the adjustable bed frame. Then once you inquire about the price on the adjustable bed frames they claim they’re sold for less only when buying both the mattress and adjustable bed frame! Buying a new memory foam adjustable bed shouldn’t be a mind wrecking process, hence why I went out of my way to write this review. As I dig deeper into the review process I will go over other buyers bad experiences with certain adjustable beds and talk about which are the best adjustable beds to buy online.

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Google Searching for the Truth
I first started to read various client based reviews about the boxed memory foam mattresses sold for the lowest rates. Were they worth buying for such a bargain rate? Multiple online reviews pointed out that the beds held up for about half a year then that’s when they started seeing them fall apart. The one angry buyer who mentioned the whole “feels like a bowl of jello” comment also claimed it completely lost its firmness. Then the buyer went to elaborate saying he dealt with the consequence of keeping it, which resulted in back pain near the shoulder areas. Another older retired buyer said he was tempted by the proclaimed “higher quality” memory foam mattress sold roughly near $900. He then realized once it was shipped it didn’t come with the bed frame or an adjustable bed frame. As an elderly man he claimed he felt it wasn’t fair to be misled by the prices online that shows the mattress on the frame. He then continued his buyer's remorse review claiming the company he bought the memory foam mattress from sold the same exact bed frame for a higher price when sold separately! Keep an eye out for these types of sales tactics since it will result in a more expensive price in the end.

The Best Adjustable Beds and Memory Foam Mattresses
Since I am just writing this review to assist everyday buyers, I cannot and will not mention the company names or websites that the negative reviews mentioned came from. I feel that with the relevant information provided within my best adjustable beds review, online buyers can have the advantage of knowing what to be on the lookout for. However I will mention one online medical mattress provider that’s fully backed by 26 doctors. After researching various online mattress providers I came across Healing Bed.com and learned about their Healing Bed 5 model. It was priced around $2000 and even included the adjustable healing bed frame! As a blue collar guy myself, I knew it made financial sense to get both the mattress and adjustable bed frame for that price. It offered lumbar support, could adjust the bed up or down on both the upper area & lower part of the bed, an 8 inch Evolution memory foam mattress, and even a controller to adjust the bed. Of course there were more expensive versions but for my current budget, and for the sake of the best adjustable beds review, I chose their most affordable option. I then picked up the phone and gave HealingBed.com a phone call to order one for myself. This is where things got REALLY interesting…
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Let the Upselling Begin...
Their staff spoke to me in the friendliest manner and helped answer many of my questions. They had no Idea I was writing a review about them and I took as much detail as I could. The man who was helping me purchase the bed was slowly and gradually upselling me towards their more expensive models…. it was expected to no surprise. For the 2nd time I told the guy I was on a budget. For the sake of the review, I acted as if I was going to change my mind and not follow through (even though I was solid on buying it). The guy then went the extra mile and tossed in a few courtesy products to keep the sale! This totally passed my test let alone expectations. They had to be one of the very few online memory foam adjustable bed providers willing to go the extra mile customer service wise. They earned my respect, without a doubt.

The bed arrived to my home and was fairly easy to install. This is where I decided to put the review on hold and try it out within the year. As 8 months flew by I was expecting to encounter the same horror stories the other mattress providers mentioned online about their experiences with other companies. Surprisingly the bed still operated perfectly and the mattress maintained its firmness. For $2000 I’d say I made the right choice when comparing the rates of other online mattress providers. Adjustable bed frame included, durable long lasting memory foam mattress… it was a winner. On top of the excellent customer service I was given I had to give them a shout out online with this review. Avoid the headaches and visit their website to learn more about their exclusive mattresses in case you are seeking more luxurious models. As for myself, I was fine with their most affordable memory foam mattress selection.

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