😻Family Cats😻

cats are part of my family
Hey steemian, I want to introduce my beloved cats to all of you, right now I have 7 cats ... 3 females and 4 males.
3 broodstock and 4 puppies.
Previously I wanted to introduce my beloved cat who was dead. This is the father of the cats that I have ...
This is one of the best photos of me with him ...
His name is nopi, his cat is fat and has a long tail ... I also don't know the cause of his death ... because at that time I was going to work ... he was found under an old chair and in a lifeless state ... he was about 3 years old ... she is my mother's favorite cat ...
Then he married my neighbor's cat ..
Here it is the female cat ... the color of her fur is white ... she has the color of blue eyeballs, very beautiful and charming, after the male cat I married my neighbor's female cat ... born 3 very adorable children ... and now they are almost a year old ..
This is called gusti ... its name is like the name of a Balinese, one of the famous islands in Indonesia, its body is very fat and thick fur, this is the last born cat which is the smallest sister ..
This name is Putu, the name also comes from the island of Bali ... the cat is white and is the second sister of Gusti (my first cat just now).
Naaahhh this is the last ... his name is MADE ,, his eyes have a different color, his posture is very charming so it looks very handsome ... this is the oldest brother of leprosy and putu .....

So that's my cats cats at home..they are all very cute and adorable..I always sleep with them every night ... and I feel happy when they are all beside me 😻

Thank you for seeing my posts from the steemians ...
Love you all💋

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they are very funny

23.12.2019 15:46

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23.12.2019 16:29

Beautiful i like

23.12.2019 17:07

what amazes me, it is that the modern smartphones can create the pictures of amazing quality!

24.12.2019 07:18