Electroneum: A Cryptocurrency that Mines Offline

Electroneum is a crypto that looks promising in the area of mobile payments and transactions. Once you download the app, you have to register some personal info in order to activate the wallet and start mining offline through their servers.

The submission of personal data is to avoid double registration and abuse of the mining system. This, by default makes the platform kind of centralized, which isn't everyone's cup of tea. Furthermore, if you want to buy credit for your mobile line then it also means they will have access to your mobile number.

This feature is already available in a number of countries and they are looking to expand to new frontiers. They also have an off-line wallet generator that is only currently compatible with the chrome browser.

The app is available in Googleplay and in the Apple Appstore. Use this referral code (2BEF79) to helm e ern some ETN 😎

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