Are Casinos Rigged? Well Yes But Actually No


Just Like Schrödinger's Cat, Your Casino Is Doing It While Not

Casinos are rigged in a way where the numbers are stacked against you. When you’re deeply invested with money and emotions it's easy to point at factors out of your reach. The truth is the house has a huge edge and you're bound to lose. However, casinos are not rigged in a way where the games are tempered with. Or at least mostly.


Black Markets Of Online Casinos

Like the name already suggests, black market casinos are very likely to be tampered with. The point of this post is about discussing fraudulent activity in regular casinos but in order to do that we have to acknowledge the actual “black market” of casinos.

These places never acquired a license in the first place and for that reason, these places should really be avoided at all costs. They might lure you with juicy alluring bonuses and promises but there is a reason why these casinos are on the “black market”. These placing are commonly fixing outcomes or tampering with games, which is a major problem for the gambling community in general.

New gambling legal measures are frequently placed in the iGaming industry since the online world suffers much more from these fraudulent activities.

Understanding Classic Casinos And Slot Machines

If you're playing in a big casino you have to be aware that it is most likely licensed and regulated with frequent checks and control routines. These big corporations focus on their customers as a whole. There is no need for them to control and manipulate individual games of certain customers.

In order to understand how to win you need to understand why you lose. Slot machines and gambling games in general, are just big computers that have certain algorithms running through them. These algorithms consist, and follow random numbers generators (RNG). Meaning every single win or loss is independent of each other.

Casinos Already Make Enough Money

Every casino you’ve ever walked in too might seem sketchy but the truth is casinos have no need to ‘rig’ your game. The house edge alone is just a pure mathematical genius of a concept for any casino owner. These odds ENSURE the casino makes enough money as long as they have enough players gambling away in their establishment.

Main points to realize :

  • Casinos have multiple built-in advantages to ensure they always end up on top.
  • These advantages are known in the industry as “house edge percentiles”. These represent the average gross profit the casino expects to make from each game.
  • Your odds of losing money get bigger the longer you play. Since the edge is inevitable.
  • These house edges however vary significantly throughout all casino games. Your best way to win is really to cut down on the house edge.
  • If you want to win you need to get these negative thoughts out of your mind and beat the casino at its own game.

Gamblers Fallacy

Players often feel cheated when they lose multiple hands or bets in a row. For example, If a player lost a coin toss 10/10 times in a row they would feel cheated. The chance is 50/50 after all but the game of chance doesn't listen to reason.
Each coin toss, bet, or hand is independent of each other. This phenomenon is called gambler's fallacy, which is very common among passionate gamblers and needs to be avoided at all costs.

Don’t Play By The Rules

Casino games should always be taken as a form of entertainment. Viewing gambling as a source of income isn’t the best idea when it comes to slots, blackjack, etc. There are however, ways to gamble with no house edge -- sports betting, which is really investing in disguise.

In this gambling area, you’re not specifically in charge of the outcome but you can rely on your gut feeling, which can be sometimes more advantageous than the toss of dice.

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