Christ Love For The Church Must Be felt In Our Daily Life To Attain Full Happiness

Brothers and Sisters, we know how Jesus Christ loved his Church. There was no single day during his presence that He would not pray for his Church, because his Church is you and I. We form a community, we form disciples who disseminate his gospels to the unbelievers. As Christ preached the words of God to the Church, He expect these words of God to reflect in our daily lives, otherwise, the words of God become irrelevant to us in our lives, we need to always carry out these words of God in our daily lives. There is not way that the words of Gos should not be conform to our lives, the words of God must direct us, shape us, wean us and put us on the right track of righteousness. That is why in our aspect of life, the words speak to us, being drunkenness, fornication, corruption,bribery, adultery, gossiping, lying, divorce, everywhere in our lives the Scriptures are there to talk about it.
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For instance, what love does Christ taught husbands to portray in their house to keep the family happy? He teaches the husbands to show great love to their wife's and children. They husbands should not treat their wife's and children bad, since they have been given the authority to be the heads of the family, and that does not guarantee them to maltreat them. The husband should fend for their family, should see to it that the family get peace and do not live in pieces. The wives too are given the task to respect the husbands to avoid conflicts in the house. They should be able to organise the house activities, cook, wash, clean and arrange all the items in the house. The children must also obey their parent, for the Bible says this right in the face of the Lord. The children should adhere to the principles of their parents, so that in returns the parents will not feel reluctant to cater for their needs.

This is even one aspect love that Christ taught us to transform in our lives. If we are able to transform the love that Christ taught us in our life we will always experience happiness in our daily lives. Christ expect to see significant change in our lives. Our daily freedom and happiness is paramount in our Christianity, because one of the vision for Christ and his fellowship is to experience great freedom and happiness for especially those who do have it.

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Very true for the scriptures says in the city of Zion there is no pain but only happiness. Don't forget to be part of our #Goldenscensor challenge.


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Thank you brother @martins-steem although in his introduction he claims to be from Ghana we see that he identifies a lot with @sc-v, we would like to know more about you so that he can participate in the organizational structure of the church.

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