Helios.(The Sun God) - Long Exposure Light-Painting.


Good Morning,

Another Old Rave flyer inspired shot, this time using a modified Helios 44-2 on an adaptor for the orange bokeh clouds.

The Helios lens has had it’s front element turned around inside the lens to create these wonderful spore like bokeh. This is especially evident when faced against some orange gelled black fibre optic brushes.

I’ve then swapped lens to a sigma 18-35mm this time facing a black cardboard stencil cut out.

This stencil has the plastic head I’ve used for the main subject placed behind it.

I’ve then fired a laser from behind the head and added some vape smoke to allow the laser beams to shine through.

The laser through the cardboard gives the green grid pattern you can see in the photograph.

I was aiming for an otherworldly feel with the bokeh clouds,and I think I achieved it with this shot.

Settings used:

Iso 100
412 seconds
Manual white balance

Straight out of camera raw conversion. no photoshop.

Have a great day :)

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Amazing helios jellyfish invasion.

28.01.2020 07:30

Thanks mate :)

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28.01.2020 08:04

Too cool mate. This is a right banger.

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28.01.2020 07:31

Cheers buddy, yeah it’s a personal fav this one for me :)

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28.01.2020 08:05

Wow! Amazing shot! 👏😲

28.01.2020 08:04

Cheers mate :)

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28.01.2020 08:41