Gravity Well. (Long Exposure Light Painting)


Good Morning Steem :)

A M.C.Escher inspired lens capped camera rotation from a visit to wales with a few other UK light-painters a few years ago.

@fadetoblack Tim here modeling kindly, and adding another four in one shot to his tally for most silhouetted light-painter.

I’ve rotated the stairwell four times with Tim stood on them for this shot, I’ve also covered the lens each time at each rotation with a blue lighting gel, then Phil threw some wire-wool down the stairwell for me, to create the blue sparks.

I’ve then taken the camera off tripod one and on to a preset second one, to capture an orb spin to create some centre interest.

Custom white balance and a gel for the blue steel wool.

Straight out of camera raw conversion, with crop to tighten.

No Photoshop.

To see more of this kind of art head over to @lightpaintershub

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18.02.2020 07:06

Love the pastel shades here. Top times mate :)

Posted using Partiko Android

18.02.2020 07:39

Thanks mate yeah was a cracking weekend, definitely need to repeat this year :)

Posted using Partiko iOS

18.02.2020 16:47

Tasty work mate and bonus points for the orbage in the middle!

18.02.2020 08:10

Ha ha cheers mate was less hassle to do than I thought it would be, think this was one of the times you were there wasn’t it ?

Posted using Partiko iOS

18.02.2020 16:46

I think so, I was in another part of the building obsessing with a laser lol

18.02.2020 17:30

Beautiful shot 🤗

18.02.2020 08:33

Thanks mate 👍

Posted using Partiko iOS

18.02.2020 16:45

That's a really nice one fellas :D

19.02.2020 07:48