Floating Factories - Long Exposure Light-Painting


Good Morning Steem,

Another photograph that I took whilst exploring the abandoned fort.

I’ve been watching the series ‘Pennyworth’ recently and the chimneys on this troop barracks at the back of the fort reminded me of all the rows and rows of small brick buildings in the series that were so popular at the time in London and places like Liverpool and Manchester.

Sadly like a lot of those houses too, this is boarded up now and it has seen better days.

A simple camera Rotation of the building using a torch to illuminate the doorway and a 180 degree flip.

I’ve also used a custom white balance to add an almost sepia yellow decayed tone, if you’ve never tried this technique then it’s a simple one to do.

Most modern cameras will allow you to tell the camera what ‘white’ is and set that, but if you take a picture of a ‘Red’ card then select that as ‘white’ then the sky and the tone of your photograph will be ‘Blue’

Different colours give different effects, more often than not their opposite colour, and it’s another well tested technique that works well with light-painting.

Give it a try and let me know how you get on.

Settings use

Iso 200
241 seconds
Custom white balance.

If you’d like to see more of this type of art please head over to @lightpaintershub


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12.02.2020 07:09

Beautiful reflections 👌

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12.02.2020 09:36

Thank you, it’s actually camera rotation during a long exposure photograph which creates the reflection

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12.02.2020 10:06


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12.02.2020 17:30

Thank you George, I appreciate it :)

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12.02.2020 20:40

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