Looking for a way.

_Hello to all the great community of Steemit, after 2 months I come to publish and talk a little about the situation in Venezuela._
_I want to apologize for the problems caused earlier by my drawings, but I can not stop publishing at least so that you know of a Venezuelan contact, what we live and how we all suffer the same situation._
_Currently here in the Sucre state in Cumana, the price of the physical dollar is 13,500 sovereign Bolivares, and the price of the Bitcoin dollar is 13,000 Sovereigns.
In establishments, stores, and stores they are working on the basis of the dollar or on the basis of the price of what the dollar is currently worth._
_The current price of the BTC dollar is 13,000 sovereign Bolivares in Venezuela.
1 SBD is at the exchange of 11,000 Bs Sovereigns because it is not on a total dollar basis.
1 STEEM is approximately 2600 Bs Sovereign._
_The minimum wage in Venezuela is between 4 or 5 dollars a month.
And the basic food basket in Venezuela is spending $ 100 dollars.
I hope that by reading this, you will realize how difficult the economic situation in Venezuela is and also in its 24 states._
_I am personally looking for how to gather a base in dollars to buy the necessary materials to start publishing my drawings once, also to gather enough to pay everything related to food debts, and buy the necessary food for me and my family._
_In steemit, there are many ways to get ahead, as well as art and music, information is also very necessary for the international community to see the problems that Venezuelans face. The poverty of others may be nothing for which they have a good quality of life and criticize what we can do to get food and money. (I also apologize for this)._
_I am from the city of Cumana, in the sucre state of Venezuela.
My economic situation is not very good, but with some effort you get food._
_Until recently I talked to users from other countries, and they told me:
"Why don't you look and come to Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay)"
If doing so were as easy and simple as doing it, believe me that Venezuela was empty since no one supports this government._
_I want to start once more from scratch, publish my drawings, my art, informative and sports publications._
_I recommend that you read this page, here it says the current price of the dollar and a very interesting economic content. I hope you understand the situation of us Venezuelans._

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Que Dios los bendiga a todos los venezolanos!

09.08.2019 13:48


09.08.2019 14:12

Parabéns, @marshallmustang!
O leitor @aotearoa gostou de seu post e o @ptgram-power está contribuindo para divulgá-lo.
Obrigado por postar seguindo bons critérios de qualidade!

ptgram - combo ptg + sbi

09.08.2019 14:13

Keep up the quality posts. Good luck.

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09.08.2019 14:44

Para comenzar Alexander Rondón (@chinotattooart) Tu no tienes ninguna hija asi que deja de usurpar mi identidad! buscate el dinero y una vida honestamente

10.08.2019 02:14

You are in my prayers!
I hope my little upvote also help.
This is very saddening.
God Bless and take care!

11.08.2019 20:45

Hope things get better for you.

Upvoted (and sent a little).

Namaste, JaiChai

12.08.2019 13:59