Saturday Garden Macro - Sid and Boris [Original Photography]

This week has been a crazy one at work. At the start of the week, I wasn't getting much sleep due to major incidents going on but come Wednesday I started to catch up. Think i managed to get 6 hours in 48 in total on Monday and Tuesday.

Anyway, today I set aside an hour or so to chase some bugs around the garden with the camera. Not too many around to be honest; as the autumn starts to appear it gets quiet. In any case, I managed to get a few of a lovely spider and a very cute little stink bug (or shield bug as some people call em)

As @axeman would say, "Enjoy the beauty" :D


This is Sid the stinkbug. He was hanging around on some long leaves and managed to get this lovely shot of him climbing up


This is Sid climbing up the leaf, launch in 5.....4.....


3....2....1..... liftoff.... He flew off the leaf and landed on......


.... my garden table, where he wandered around for a while and I managed to get him to pose for this awesome portrait. High five (or high six?) to Sid


Meanwhile in another plant, Boris was building his new web. Isn't he a stunner. I think this is @veryspider 's uncle.


Heres a moody black and white shot... your web is a mess Boris.... sort it out mate.

Hope you enjoyed these. I especially like the stinkbug shots as a series. Think the first one might even get a print and frame.

All were shot with the aging Canon 60D (hoping to upgrade very soon) and the Sigma 105 DG Macro HSM. Post-processing in Lightroom

Thanks for looking


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21.09.2019 15:15

What beautiful shots you've got there. Boris is drunk with all the spikey legs.

21.09.2019 15:19

Yeah, there's another Boris in the UK. I'd trust this spider to do his job better than him.

21.09.2019 15:22

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Congratulations, keep up the great work!
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21.09.2019 15:31

Sid is beautiful! Amazing the details you captured.. in fact I was all zoomed in, enjoying those details, and then Boris jumped out.. nearly spilt my coffee. Great shots Mark ❤️❤️❤️

21.09.2019 15:31

Thanks as always for the kind comments. Yeah Boris is a nasty bugger. So is the spider.

21.09.2019 15:52

Wow that shot of Boris on the rich purple magenta-ish flower is amazing!

21.09.2019 16:37

It has a certain air of "death" (or something similar) to it. The flower is dying and the spooky spider is building its web around all the dead petals. I really like this too.

21.09.2019 16:50

Great shots! You should check @derangedcontest for a monday macro contest. You will be the winner 😉

21.09.2019 23:20

Been entering the contest for a few weeks now ;)

24.09.2019 12:29

So cool. These are some dope macro shots.

21.09.2019 23:33


24.09.2019 12:30