Red Robin and Red Admiral.

Just a couple of images for today. Spent the morning at a local nature reserved called Lackford lakes. Tons of waterfowl, kingfishers and all sorts. Was really just scoping the place out but will definitely return when I can spend a good few hours sitting in the hides. Couple of snapshots of what we did come across.

Firstly, this little robin who was as tame as tame could be. He seemed like he wanted to land on my camera sometimes. Got a quite nicely lit shot of him sat in this tree.


And this Red Admiral butterfly. Seems to be a lot of them around this year although it wasn't really the right time of day to shoot them. They are far too flittery around lunchtime and it was a very warm one so they just weren't sitting still. Still, quite happy with this one.


This will be my last pre-HF21 post, so see you on the other side :)

Thanks for looking


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beautiful shots! that robin is too cute, definitely seems to be posing :)

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Congratulations, keep up the great work!
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26.08.2019 17:57

Thanks, he was super friendly and very tame.

27.08.2019 07:36

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26.08.2019 21:02


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26.08.2019 22:15

That robin is super cute omg ! I want to rub it gently ___ And such gorgeous red/orange, too !!!

Pretty butterfly, as well, I like the muted pink of the flower it is landing on <3

26.08.2019 23:16

He was sooooo friendly. He kept just hovering in front of us, looking for somewhere to land. He got very close.

27.08.2019 07:36