Galaxies In Oil And Water - Original Photography

Hi all,

Yeah, it's still winter and yes I am still indoors trying to be inventive with some abstract macro work. This time it is oil and water galaxy "thingies". I have a glass tray suspended over some Xmas wrapping paper. Mix the oil and water and you get a load of bubbles and if you time it right, you get some pretty interesting shapes. I am not that happy with the lighting here so I will try again at some point. I don't think wrapping paper is the best option... too shiny.

Anyone else ever had a go at this?

My favourite is definitely the first one, dark blue works really well with these.





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14.12.2019 16:39

kinda amazing this douche is still at rep 71

15.12.2019 01:28

These are absolutely beautiful Mark!! I’m not even sure how you accomplished them, but I’m blown away.

Love the colors, and all the details.. it looks as if you’ve captured the beauty of another world ❤️ Great work!!

14.12.2019 16:56

Thanks very much :)

14.12.2019 19:57

Some pretty interesting shots. On something like that where do you have the light source placed? Is it just the regular indoor overhead lights or also some side lights from desk lamps? I think I like the third one best.

14.12.2019 19:27

I have the glass bowl suspended about 30cm above the background that I am using (which sits on the desk) so I have a Speedlite (Yongnuo YN560) which is illuminating the background only. In this kind of thing where the actual subject is pretty much transparent, you should light the background and not the subject itself.

14.12.2019 19:57

Thanks? I was wondering how the light worked for something like that.

14.12.2019 20:56

Most of the time I vote on your posts because I like your experiments. But this one really deserve a comment. Amazing work man ;)

14.12.2019 21:22

Thanks, really appreciate you taking the time to comment.

14.12.2019 21:40

It's not about the time, just I don't want to became too boring leaving the same comment on every posts :D

14.12.2019 21:42

Oh wow, these are beautiful!!!

15.12.2019 01:21

These are cool, I think I like #2 the best but they all have something going for them. So the water/oil is not colored right? The colors are just being picked up from the refraction of the background in the bubbles?

15.12.2019 01:30

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15.12.2019 01:39

Wow Mark, you are doing some amazing stuff with your indoor work! I am excited to see what you will have next. These are really beautiful!

15.12.2019 02:12

These are awesome. I hope to see how you did this. It would be cool if you did a how to post on this.

15.12.2019 05:12