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Today I come with a controversial subject related to the Renaissance work of the Italian painter Leonardo da vinci.

This work causes curiosity among its spectators or admirers of the painting, there are many hypotheses regarding the painting some challenges that could be of a model that would be pregnant at that time when Vinci gives the painting due to the way it is covered or hidden With his hands. Others comment that Leonardo was inspired by the wife of a merchant named Lisa Gerardini.

This painting or painting is surrounded by many mysteries. In the world it is one of the most famous paintings. There is mystery about the smile of the Gioconda, the researchers think that the smile can be forced or an artistic creation of the painter, other patients who may not be genuine, other researchers who can be analyzed by half of the smile on the right side projected or showed sadness instead others felt that half of the smile on the left side showed happiness.

In short, the opinions issued by the different researchers about this painting are controversial. The truth is that Leonardo da Vinci was a multifaceted painter of the Renaissance era and his work La Mona Lisa or Gioconda is a work of art considered invaluable, loaded with many mysteries due to the techniques used by the painter.

Some of the reasons that make them so famous are:

  • He uses mathematical methods to measure human proportions in his work.
  • It uses the technique of sfumarato that is very advanced or advanced for the time.
  • The identity of the model is a mystery and Leonardo da Vinci kept it secretly.


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