Weekend Freewrite - 7/4/2020- Single Prompt Option


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Weekend Freewrite

On weekends, we are switching it a bit up for one day.

If you are ready for a bit more of a challenge - 3 prompts to weave into a 15-minute freewrite - stop reading now and look for this graphic


If you like to do one of our usual 5-minute freewrites - read on.

Today, you have the choice to write on any one of the prompts posted so far. I am pretty sure that most of you haven't done every single one yet.
When you are done, post a link to or your complete freewrite as a comment on this post.

Your Prompts - Your Choice

Bored stiff Warrior blue herbs
lizard cave a smiling house yesterday phone
after midnight started splinter wood
some change crazy Apricot prototype
white cat dirty dishes a purple squirrel discord
red books itching bath
bubbling a shoe ooze core values
players parachuted Scream talking dog
Hair Big wave Bittersweet grand piano
junk breed grapevine basics
pasta The goat ate my black fire
camping bulb gullible copy
airplane describe green mosquitos wildflower
snoring quit salty air blues
rain mishap Three grapes squash
a red scarf twins mold movement
nose hair delicate pill Eagle Scout
peacock barn door toe jam fraud
picker castle panic words loathing
half off split translator hatred flute
scratchy racecar hatred flute owl
wig pearls shebang motivation demon
snort wolves handbag spool corn cake
bully deplete almanac glitch succulent
hand cream chiseled inspector protest raft
gout scar beeper nightgown muffin
red rose
night hawk hand shake words of love
for the last time the new normal mountain village
Why is it 10 o"clock? Bermuda triangle watermelon days
for the last time the new normal
water tower designer drugs mud wrestling
bitter pill spoon on fire peals of laughter
Liver damage bags of grain rough hands
describe your table toothpicks in a coconut two varieties
spirit animal life is confusing nail clippings
rain check egg salad trust me, my friend
steel drum dust cover widow's peak
match box car remote control who cares?
grandpa's ranch sorry dishes dead battery
blond curls tax is due
pumpkin disc get off brittle
drummer forest allergies lost cat
early gift competition fiber new age

prompt by wandrnrose7.jpg
Photo credit @wandrnrose7

dreadlocks nail biting sea level retirement
lentil soup morning mist black tea leather shoes
red light sugar cubes stuck drawer disoriented
iced coffee night shift paper plane tap dancer
lazy wind nautical language broken toenail salt rinse
hot spot vegetables not moving stovetop
napkin understand bandage fresh air
fish fillet face lift brussel sprouts tick tock
crazy eyes circus dog double life beans and rice
itchy neck hot water motorcade insider
bulging eyes cold front beach towel wool sweater
nail polish found art a bitter remedy incessant barking
sugar cookie opera singer
step out of the shadow no added sugar mushroom suit
homemade waffles appointment book twist and turn
disposable diaper chocolate cake knitting needle
enjoy the day keeping it straight eye witness
clawfoot bathtub
represent peak knee trophy helmet
greens trip futility arsed circle
leering fleece main street fern recycle
gutless Oatmeal cannibals radish cleft
bonus snot virus yarn dehydrate
revolution lame chirp concert
meat with gravy turn signal hear, hear
humming bird flower hot tamale stone wall
shaken not stirred deep space filthy rich
school house gut reaction in the box
I'm blessed 100 kilos of fish room service
Gotham city halcyon days perfect nanny
glass bottle ear phones not normal
benevolent dragon shiny pirate beads wet carpet
pink baby pool metal butterfly stone rose
fake video manipulation seed saving
digital human house guest raking leaves
red curtain burnt skin navajo taco
baby acne gas leak awful boss
poetry reading screeching tires pink collar
engine sound no trespassing spider web
several sightings dog whistles law and order
harbor cruise damp conditions community garden
we are young black eyed peas

camel sequin profit hazardous
plan lucky habitat roadblocks
cyberspace sequence fatality list
new laws apple cougar happy
perfume hungry sunset orbit
prompt stem space dividend
honey train sale token
rooster pig's ear Beacon pineapple
heretics test baby hustle
saxophone grass sound mini van
let's eat snapshot jittery meditate
hunger beads pound cake fan
ceiling control hammer bark
pecan climber bundling night sky

prompt by @deadgrlsuppastar.jpg
If you are using this picture as a prompt, please give credit to @deadgrlsuppastar

  • I saw a wild pig running down the street
  • write about something which was left at your door
  • It's what I do at 2:30 in the morning when I can't sleep
  • She glanced around her as the pelicans talked to each other in the car and wondered if maybe she should call her Grandmother and ask her advice...
  • stranded on the sofa like whales with a plancton's indigestion
  • a ridiculous amount of fun
  • describe the room you are in
  • If you have any thoughts, please let me know
  • What does a banana taste like?
  • You walk through a door - what do you see?
  • describe your morning feeling
  • describe what you see at 10 AM

great-grandpa's nose palimpsest, and: describe wind
my shoe got stuck in the mud suffers in silence
First African in Space The smell from within
It was Saturday morning Round is a shape
a special occasion swimming with the dolphins
Good morning sunshine food to the table
the taste of chicken spent and tired
fresh floor wax hardboiled minds
smooth as silk describe your shoes
see you on the other side surprise coming to you!
feet soft as fog the smell of a dumpster
the sky is clear feeling the love
describe a clock Freedom of Personal Power
death on the table the four corners
not in my neighborhood temples made with hands
describe your front door a creature of absolute convictions
show me the way home 600 bottles of beer on the wall
rush to judgment moving to the city
mangy calico cat the sexy tango
stale pepperoni pizza frayed power cord
warm amber eyes 10,000 feet elevation
inappropriately dressed ringing in a birthday
only what we could carry haters will be haters
a long white beard you need help

board earthquake drive forth
a kiss glasses bowl helicopter
ornate sunset state helpless
puzzle paint cracker burning
cigarettes elephant epilogue overslept
chalk yard sale California grief
dream ski mason jar towel
red tongue Coffee mug backwoods sunscreen

prompt by @the.artist-98 2.png
if you use this picture in your prompt - please give credit to @the.artist-98

canal church lace clouds
fried chicken vitamins spa bones
fumigate snake cinnamon skinny
switch sunburn fingernail Miami
wasps solitude gardening dew
the attic plaid belt quadrillion
witches syrup Artichoke caterpillar
sell-out grocery list the military flea market
frosting a cake DEODORIZE monkey door knob
mashed potatoes desk calendar shawl
potatoes sizzling medium fart
brand speaker nothing vandals
whiteboard before midnight scout robes
think tiger yellow curry
ash fool record basket
yogurt coconut describe a bird nail
atlas health Texas Housecoat
cane bamboo hook depression
sweater the entryway trolley cherry
flea her homemade jams party wet
important Parasol back pain scratch

Imgur by @loliboofae

late mother banana homeless
paper milk tree eyebrows
swing five home alone 40% off
Monkey's wedding wire appetite one year
Travelmice detective dog breath cancer
potbellied radio show successful racket
plug fever Vinyl dirty feet
screening runny kit visit
dragon breath washcloths sour detox
small package stick music remote
meal worm freedom muscle not smart
laughter sustainable redemption pumped
trapped face mask yummy idiot
hate tiny armband sponge
primate flashlight irritation I know
tongue Hamburger excuses sweating
debt be gone primary moth
habit habit passenger beast
hotel saving medicine broke
carnival vase boxer inbox
follow crank history sleeve
kitchen deceive
come together running in place Whipping cream
well-being orange blossom run for your life!
dry lips sunflower seeds forty-four
cross-eyed small talk cracking up
rose pedals the end quarantine
opposition not yet our greatest journey
the perfect day warm water bottle fire alarm
church lady the big freeze puppy love
bushwhacked in the limelight local derby
cookie cutter wild and woolly by the book
take care queen of hearts jam tomorrow
groundhog day sound of sirens magical realism
double time cliff-hanger cabbage borscht
double crossed mom and dad in the club
gut feeling cold person
departure psychic wild drapes
buffer intensity portal resurrect
slug shade Cloud born
horrific reincarnate wine bison
manager system desperate earth
delegation free event walrus special
time global inbox window
rote emperor otter rate
tart chapter nunchucks rodeo
trot Rule carnation tax
Batter yoga caducity nap
Hippo posted canyon paralyzed
library prestige champagne pizza
awry baby time suffocate footprint
a curse creature persuasion key
contour coercion plum cobbler ill humor
knife superfood blue collar wildfires
eagle feather rat trap hatband naked baby
poverty kitchen knife no panic
stitch baggie Nest civil rights
baby talk dirt bike cover photo white collar
trolley day dachshund garlic breath
sweet walnut liqueur 100 year old donkey
filthy blinds mouse droppings
underground stalagmites hill of prairie dogs
swirls of cigarette smoke mountain surfing
personal responsibility ashtrays all over the house
opens a lot of doors ideas worth spreading
describe the view from your bedroom window running water
goodnight kiss uncertain future
mountain peak a break for us all
a bunch of excuses I have chicken
mystery books

| | |

toilet flash light mask
pillow grounding tears charge
toothache green droplets callous election
dog hair ducks chips desert
pen awakening I floss my tears sheep
stetson nose ring soundcheck iris
corn turbine children essence

Prompt @marinaart.jpeg

if you use this picture in your post, please give credit to the artist @marinaart


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