Tax is Due - a Freewrite

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Tax is due the mosquito says, and relentlessly, without mercy, is plunging her stinger into my arm, leg, or whichever place she can find and starts sucking.
From everywhere I can hear the chorus.
Tax is due!! pay up - sucker!
And you have no say what happens to what you pay. Your blood, your money that you earned with blood and sweat and a sore back - is gone.
Paying for soldiers to fight wars that cost more blood. Blood of so many people. There are countries where the soil must be soaked with the blood of all that have died there. So sad.
And we see the pictures and our stomachs turn.
But we pay the tax.
We see people protesting in the street. Saying that your taxes pay for the police that is murdering us!
And our stomachs turn but we pay the tax because we don't know what to do.
We could not pay.
Is that enough?
Or is it just going to land us in prison and we can shed our blood there.
Not paying or paying it forward. Use our money to support those that want to make a difference.
But - is it the right thing? Are we supporting those that really are making a difference or are they upholding the status quo in a different way?
We only know what we know and that is not a lot.
One group says do - the other says don’t: That is definitely the wrong thing to do.
So confusing.
The mosquito knows what she wants - your blood.

This is a freewrite to the prompt: tax is due. Find a Daily Freewrite prompt on my profile. Join us on discord in the Freewrite House

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Hopefully you won't have to pay this year. 🤞

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