New Age

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That is so new age, she said with that nasal Valley intonation I have grown to despise.
It sounds so bored and annoying at the same time. Almost designed to let you know that you don't belong and that the person is looking down over their nose at you.
What the fuck is the meaning of looking new age anyway? That the outfit is not up to standards?
I am so proud of it. All made from recycled materials in bold colors. I used a sewing technique that makes the stitches stand out and it looks designer worthy.
But let's face it. Designer clothes belong on the stage. The runway. Not that anyone is ever running. With their high heels, they certainly would fall over.
Anything you see on the runway would look just wrong if an ordinary person were to wear it -just about anywhere.
Some of the clothing looks like rugs and if the face of the body wearing the creations is not that of a Hollywood star, people would laugh and tell you to get lost.
Even on a star or in a magazine, it often just doesn't look good. But we can convince ourselves that it does look great. Remember the big shoulder pads and BIG hair of the 80s - at least I think that was the time. They look terrible now and we don't know what we were thinking.
Taste changes. And we try to submit ourselves and our bodies to the standards of the times. Twiggy made everyone with a normal body starve themselves and still never reach the Holy Grail of being so skinny that the slightest wind can blow you over.
At another time, being fat was the way to go.
Wouldn't it be nice if we can be beautiful the way we are. Full stop. Just the way we are.

This is a freewrite to the daily prompt you find on my profile. Join us! It is fun. We invite writers of all levels and don't expect the next great short story to result from your 5 minutes of fun. Also, join us on Discord if you are serious about writing :)

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Just the way we are! Love your freewrites. I'm so glad you are writing them.

04.07.2020 18:16

Thank you so much!!
Are you both on Hive and Steem?

05.07.2020 02:04

Yes! My upvote is worth much more on steem, so I am working that. Idk why. Do you know?

05.07.2020 02:12

Mine is worth here more as well. In my case, I undelegated most of my delegations and have way more SP here...

06.07.2020 04:31

Now that we can just upvote on steem without repercussions, I find it easier to make curation rewards here, and big ones (for me) sometimes. Also, being able to post and earn in two places doesn't suck! So I tend to post first on Hive, then a couple days later post it here too. Unless it's a freewrite, which I try to post on the day of the prompt. I just realized I forget to put a link in your prompt announcement post. So many little details!!!

06.07.2020 14:32

Since now I know that you are posting here, I will look for you. Are you posting to the Freewrite community?
I usually post to both platforms at the same time and go in once a day and upvote the freewriters. That is as far as I have gotten... lost a bit my love for either platform, really, all forms of social media...
But have invested way too much time to just walk away now...

06.07.2020 21:45

Love these 💕💕

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