Describe a Sunset

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Describe the sunset, she says.
Okay. Let's see. The sky is on fire. Red is glowing as if hell has opening up and streaks of gold are spraying in waves through the red. A fireball is slowly moving down, down, down. making everything sparkle in the sky. Fireworks and fire altogether. Different he's of red are trying to wipe each other out, more, more, more reds and gold and a fireball sinking over the ocean. The water reflecting all the colors back but giving them a different hue again.
She throws up her arms. I can't do this! I hate describing things and I don't even like reading long descriptions. usually, I just skip over those scenes. I know that many just love to read the long descriptions of the countryside, or the house, or the garden. Whatever it is.
I am not one of them. Those kinds of books bore the heck out of me. I like to know what is going on - not necessarily physical action - but the emotions of the scene. What a person is feeling.
And I can tell you that I feel trapped right now. there are three mosquitos circling me and I can't slap them since I am using the most dangerous writing app and if I slap them - all this painful sunset description is lost forever.
On second thought, that would not be a tragedy at all.

Five minutes are up - thank goodness. Those Mosquitos were driving me crazy. I am happy to report that they are no more among the living.

On a serious note - I really do need to practice describing things more. We need to practice the things we resist to become better at them. It will force me to look closely and to hunt for the right words to say what I mean. We shall see. Maybe, I will torture you all a bit more by asking for descriptions in the future. Make sure you follow the Daily Prompt on my profile

This photo was taken by my husband at his place in Arizona. When I am there, we make it a daily evening routine to watch the sunset - even in the winter when it is very cold there. It is always beautiful! Who needs a TV when nature provides so much beauty!

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Beautiful description of a sunset 🌞

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11.07.2020 15:17

Excellent description! But I understand the mixed feelings of trying to get it into words. And.. your husband must be a great photographer.

11.07.2020 20:10

He must be!! And he should sing into his Hive account as well.
with the same keys :)

11.07.2020 22:46