The SoCalSteemit Community has a weekly contest called “Show Us Your California”. ...

... This is my entry to the contest. We had a couple of days of rain in San Diego and nature just popped. The luscious green you see around the steppingstones are tiny borage plants. Borage grows into a beautiful large plant with small blue flowers bees love. They, the flowers, are also delicious in salads. Borage is a popular plant in the Permaculture community. It is considered a nutrient accumulator. The roots go deep into the soil and bring nutrients from far below up into the leaves. When the plant is cut and allowed to decompose - a technique called chop and drop- the nutrients from deep down are now available on the surface for plants with shallow roots to utilize.


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Look at you with a new alt account! I think I am behind the times. Lovely pic :)

14.12.2019 18:51

Yup. I wanted to dish out Sand without screwing up my voting on my regular account :)

16.12.2019 05:10
Thanks for sharing your experience with us!
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14.12.2019 19:03
Congratulations @marianne.sand, your post won 2nd prize in this weeks Show us Your California contest!!
17.12.2019 14:18

Thank you!!

18.12.2019 03:36