The Dark Embrace - art by @mariandavp

Have you ever wanted something real bad, but never managed to take a step forth because you were afraid?

Fear is a disease often disguised as a logical thought arising from a previous experience, self preservation or even a possibility. Indeed, we could not survive in any world without the sense of fear warning us about potential dangers. But the stress related fear that we experience nowadays has nothing to with our survival. It protects our insecurities, crippled egos and dependence to the illusion of one kind of happiness.

I call this art work the Dark Embrace. It represents our desire to walk towards the light but also our weakness to surpass our dark emotions that keep us imprisoned.

To create it, I used colored pilot pens and a black marker.

the dark embrace.jpg

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Very Beautiful...

23.11.2019 05:56

Thank you very much!

23.11.2019 18:18