Still there


Exactly two years ago my life as I knew it ended. My happiness ended. You don't really know what being happy feels like until you are not that happy anymore.

Although I do recall driving off to work every morning, watching you two walk to the park, feeling a bliss and wondering for how much longer will I be able to look at you? Of course at the time I feared about Fox getting old. But still. You can never prepare yourself enough to accept the irreversible.

Two years have gone by, and though I do feel much much better the past couple of months, this day feels like yesterday. When I still had you, and we laughed about the same things, we thought of the same things, we loved the same things and were all too cynical and dark together, driving the rest of the family mad.

I miss you baba. We all do. Foxaki misses you too, but I am doing everything I can to fill in the empty space, to never leave him as you never did, and to hold on to him as he holds on to you.

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I am glad you are better. Things do not stay the same. When you are down, you have nowhere to go but up. Grief is hard as I learned three years ago in the passing of my sweetheart, Marci. You never heal, but it molds you and you grow from it. Blessings and appreciate your post and artistry in both sketch and blog tonight. @mariandavp

04.01.2020 06:35

I have read quite a few times about your late sweetheart, and what I am thinking about is that you and I were lucky to have had a life with these people even if it wasn't forever. Still, as you say, it never really heals.

04.01.2020 17:58

Well said. Blessings my friend.

06.01.2020 03:41

I wish i could find sth comforting to say but i lost my father 2 months ago and i know there no words in the world to make the pain less.

04.01.2020 11:23

I am really sorry @georgeboya for your loss. I should be the one comforting you, but my post is not very encouraging. All I can say is that in time you get used to living like this.

04.01.2020 17:56

I understand and truth cannot be comforting.. i must learn to live like this now.

05.01.2020 07:40

This is so disheartening. I wish I could find a word that could help you fill in the empty space. So sorry about the loss.

It's hard to forget such people who were part of your journey in life.

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04.01.2020 13:21

Thank you so much @maxwellmarcusart for even trying to comfort me, it's already so heartwarming! Have a great 2020! <3

04.01.2020 18:01