Blue Devil - pen art by @mariandavp

While I was still drawing this little devil, everyone thought I was just doodling without a particular theme in mind.
I was drawing circles for a whole day before I decided to make the outline. Not because I didn't know what I wanted to draw, but because sometimes doodling or repeating the same drawing pattern may become very frustrating if it's something you have to do instead of something you do without thinking about it.

At the time, a small but really poisonous fish had appeared in the Aegean waters causing concern to tourists, local authorities, fishermen and hospitality entrepreneurs. Luckily, no real harm was done by these blue fishes that decided to spend their holidays in Greek waters, however I still wanted to make my blue devil look badass.

To complete this drawing I used pilot pens and markers, as per my standard office-art method.

I like him, he has my Monday morning face.


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08.11.2019 20:21

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LOL! I LOVE how grumpy he is. I also have the same face... many mornings...

08.11.2019 20:34

Thanks so much @carrieallen, I appreciate it ❤️❤️❤️❤️ we belong to WhenWillIbecomeaMillionaire? nation

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08.11.2019 23:52

Nicely done. You round swirls in your artistry I believe is perhaps a trademark of yours, as I have seen in other works of yours. It is neat. Blessings @mariandavp

09.11.2019 04:21