Beautiful Solitude - art by @mariandavp

Why do we think of solitude as something sad? Sometimes solitude is all you need to appreciate the beauty of ...just being.

Today I resisted the impulse of adding beautiful bright leaves on my tree. I resisted the temptation to draw the figure of a bird, enjoying the view from a branch.

I left my tree in its wonderful nudity to enjoy a moment of solitude, filled with energy and emotion.

Totally Free; without hope, without desire, just being.

Today's artwork was created using a combination of media, acrylics, pilot pens and markers.


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13.12.2019 22:02
13.12.2019 22:03

Even in the baron brown of the winter the arms of the tree are lifted high to the heavens in gratitude. Thanks @mariandavp

14.12.2019 01:20

Thank you so much for seeing it this way!!

14.12.2019 13:44

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This is lovely. I agree. I often find beauty in solitude.

14.12.2019 01:22

Thank you very much!!@carrieallen

14.12.2019 14:00


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