What is murmur? - Dapp review

n this video I show you what is Murmur, and what differences it has with other microblogging plforms.

In this video I walk you through in the murmur decentralized application.
This is my first video for SteemLeo and Palnet communities. I hope you like it.
This is the first video for a series showing you interesting stuff of the cryptoworld.
My EOS murmur account is: marianitoeos
usic i in this video is produces by me: https://choon.co/tracks/0kkzv8cf87d/soul-groove-in-the-funnk-60/

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Comments 2

I am using MurMur app but the value of its token is worthless. So the people who are earning a little bit will not concentrate much.

13.07.2019 04:34

True. This video is not intended to be a financional advice , I don't recommend to invest in their token. I think it has an interesting technology behind it and it has a funny community. Thats my point. Thanks for the comment.

13.07.2019 04:45