MAPXV Report - Sales - 10 Aug 2019

Good day today with yet another price rise for MAPXV tokens.

We have currently sold about 3330 MAPXV tokens and have a healthy ABV of 1.07 STEEM. This latter is obviously due to our price rising above 1 STEEM and I don't expect this to fall below unity.

Apologies for a day's delay in paying out the delegation-miners, but have made amends and have sent MAPXV tokens to @eturnerx and @ecoinstant - many thanks for your support. One thing to add, that if you delegate to @mapxv please leave a comment on a post; I obviously check data every day but it's an easy number to miss if it is a few hundred STEEM. Our current delegations remain at 13,400 SP.

With the weekly accounts coming tomorrow, there is not much else to say. Just to add that it all seems do be going well.

The first reconciliation of the TULIP game is not as bad as feared, with the ABV being very close to the next price-point, which we shall definitely see overcome within a few short days.

Today's random prize

An almost-daily random prize of 0.01 MAPXV to one lucky member.

The winner today is... @dimarss. Congratulations!

Just to add that this will be a lucky time for some members as there are not so many individuals that are not part of the MAP FinTech family. I don't think it fair to give prizes to myself!


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