MAPXV Daily Report - Sales Surge & Opportunities - 31 Aug 2019

This is a quick update before the weekly report due tomorrow.

We have seen some significant sales in the past 24 hours and it is especially pleasing to see this on the back of the general malaise following HF21.

There are still opportunities to succeed on Steem, whether it be on those platforms directly linked to the blockchain, such as Steemit or Steempeak, or in one of the new Tribes such as Palnet or Steemleo. It is a question of taking a step back, understanding the new landscape and then, possibly, mapping out a new course of action.

The way MAPXV has been designed means that the effect of HF21 is minimal. Our targets regarding upvotes delivered and our value per token are all calculated relative to one's own SP. This means that any changes regarding reward splits and percentages affect both one's self-vote and MAPXV so that the relative value of MAPXV remains the same.

One thing that has changed is our curation rewards but, as promised in our original launch document, those rewards are fed back into our SP and therefore, slowly but surely, will deliver even higher value votes.

The price of MAPXV remains a bargain.

More numerical details tomorrow, but I maintain that a fair price for MAPXV is in the region of 3 to 4 STEEM. Up to the market to agree with me!

If you haven't read it, worth a look at yesterday's post: MAPXV Daily Report - Make More With MAPXV, No Staking, No Delegating, No Waiting - 30 Aug 2019.

Till next time!

An almost-daily random prize of 0.01 MAPXV to one lucky member.

So, our winner today is... @jk6276, who just got a free 0.01 MAPXV token.

Just to add that this will be a lucky time for some members as there are not so many individuals that are not part of the MAP FinTech family. I don't think it fair to give prizes to myself!


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