MAPXV Daily Report, Free Tokens & News - Facebook Libra & Chinese Currency - 20 Sep 2019

New format now includes MAPXV news plus some general crypto news items that I have found interesting.


Not a lot to report on today. Our weekly power-down has been powered-up again as we had no other use for it and our liquidity within Steem Engine is fine.

My almost-daily reminder that MAPXV remains our most valuable vote-bond, yielding about 29 times the daily upvote value of the same STEEM compared to powering it up as one's own SP. Currently priced at about 1.8 STEEM, MAPXV tokens remain a bargain.

Crypto News

Facebook Libra will be made up of U.S. dollar, euro, yen, pound, and Singapore dollar

In response to a request from Fabio De Masi, the finance spokesman of the Left Party faction of the German Bundestag, the social media giant has disclosed the fiat currencies that will make up the reserves for the Libra stablecoin. According to Facebook, Libra's basket of reserves will be made up of 50% U.S. dollar, 18% euro, 14% Japanese yen, 11% British pound, and 7% Singapore dollar.

Well, the IMF's SDR is composed of exactly the same currencies except... it includes the Chinese renminbi instead of the Singapore dollar!

One can almost hear the sound of arms being twisted... right out of their socket.

Methinks Libra is misnamed ;-)

I have increased the prize to be in line with that given by MAPR, so that it is equal to today's date in decimals.

A random prize of 0.20 MAPXV to one lucky member.

And, our winner today is... @jznsamuel .

Just to add that this will be a lucky time for some members as there are not so many individuals that are not part of the MAP FinTech family. I don't think it fair to give prizes to myself!


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