TOKENOMIX CONTEST - Win MAPX tokens - Round 10 - Predict SCT Price

The new MAPX tokens were issued recently. To continue promoting the token and to have a bit of fun exploring all the other tokens on Steem Engine, we're continuing the TOKENOMIX CONTEST. As the weekly accounts are published on a Sunday, this Contest will take place on Mondays and, depending on the type of question, will run for a few days.

Before launching into the rules, a reminder that full details of the MAPX token can be found at: New MAPX Token for Upvotes and Value Growth.

The rules for MAPX token mining via delegations can be found at Mining MAPX Token Now Open and Stakeholders Getting 30x Upvote Value.

The most recent weekly review can be read here: MAPX Token Weekly Profit Statement & News (ONECENT, The Paying Attention Economy) - 14 July 2019.

In brief, each staked MAPX token entitles the owner to a daily upvote, compounded rewards reflected in an increasing token price plus some random bonuses.

Although similar to MAP Rewarder, MAPX offers a low entry cost of just one token, currently about 1 STEEM, compared to a minimum delegation of 50 SP with MAPR. MAPX also compounds all rewards so that each token is backed by SP; owners can thus accumulate rewards and sell their token whenever they wish rather than receiving weekly payouts.

Enough preamble, let's move on to the rules.


There have been a few rules changes for this round, so please re-read these.

  1. To enter, you must stake at least 1 MAPX token.
  2. All staked MAPX tokens will receive the standard upvote so will gain something even without winning free tokens.
  3. Unstaking takes just 2 days to release all staked tokens.
  4. The contest shall be posted on a Monday and run for a few days; please read the rules for each question.
  5. Each round shall consist of a question that requires an answer to be posted in a comment.
  6. The Winner shall receive 1 MAPX token. The Winner shall be defined within each question.
  7. Rest of the rules below with the question.


Question 10

Predict the price in STEEM of the SCT token at 6:00 AM UTC on Saturday 20 July 2019.

The winning price will be the one closest to the last active trade as shown on Steem Engine and priced in STEEM just before, or precisely at, 6:00:00 AM.

Predictions will close 24 hours before the above time, so do not make a prediction after the cut-off time of 6:00 AM UTC on Friday 19 July 2019.

Please leave a comment with your predicted price.

Do not leave multiple comments with multiple predictions. You may edit your prediction if you wish.
Do not edit your prediction after the cut-off date. It really is very easy to check this.

I shall be giving away 1 MAPX token to the closest prediction.
In the unlikely case of a tie, the token shall be split evenly.


That's it! Just submit your answer in a comment... and please don't forget to buy and stake at least 1 MAPX token to participate. Yes, you can always unstake it and sell it after the contest, if you so wish. Existing MAPX stakeholders can obviously just enter.

If I've forgotten anything in the rules, just ask in a comment.


Comments 4

SCT will be 1.500 STEEM/SCT.

Posted using Partiko Android

15.07.2019 17:39

Although the only contestant, you were also absolutely bang on the price!

Having delved deeper, I see it was a wise prediction, but the lack of others means there wasn't even the chance of being sniped by market noise.

Anyway, well done, your 1 MAPX token is on its way!

20.07.2019 17:30

Haha. Thanks.

20.07.2019 17:42