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MAPX Token Weekly Profit Statement & News - 29 September 2019

Welcome to this week's review.

This has been a week of consolidation, with modest token sales we see all our metrics showing mild improvements.

Combining modest sales with a modest dip in token price, we have been able to power up a little more and our metrics have nudged up a bit.

Our ABV of 1.088 STEEM is pretty much in line, if even slightly above, our token sale price. This means that if we ever closed down the program, everyone would get back this amount per token held - this is independent of all the votes received in the meantime.

Market prices don't always wholly reflect the underlying value of things, sometimes other factors come into play; in this case, the Steem economy is still adjusting to a major change in how it functions and we are seeing new initiatives appear as some other die away.

I don't really wish to repeat myself in these weekly reports, so it is worth reading the MAPXV article, even if you don't hold any of those tokens (and why not?!) The main point is that we are seeing a number of collective voting programs emerge to support their members from the worst effects of the much-decreased post rewards for most people. Long-standing programs such as SBI, the newer MAXUV, and even older programs such as MAPR, have all sought to give members good and stable returns, whatever the underlying algorithm within the Steem economy.

Whether such returns manifest as post upvotes or returns to delegators or token-holders does not really make any difference. The point is that members gain access to the skills of the program manager and the collective SP of the program, so that they can gain an edge over what they could achieve by themselves. Before, with a linear curve, an individual could achieve good returns by themselves, but with the new non-linear curve it can make a significant difference to have the support from a collective SP, whether that is a program such as MAPX or a voting trail is a matter of choice.

Have a good week!

Please note that I always qualify any forward predictions as they are subject to technical issues such as the proper functioning of the blockchain and our own algorithms. We are also aware that HF21 is imminent although there is no fixed date as yet.

The headline figures are:

MAPX tokens active = 9160
SP in @MAP10K = 7977
Mining SP = 2,000
Other STEEM = 1991
Total STEEM = 9968
Total Income = 83.30
Fee = 8.33
Total STEEM carried down = 9960

MAPX VV/Token = 1.15

Note that "Other STEEM" is the sum of all holdings not powered up as SP: liquid STEEM and SBD plus holdings within Steem Engine to maintain market liquidity plus some investments; we also now have stakes in MAPR, PAL and LEO, and some others, and receive rewards from them. Also note that values are volatile, especially any holdings priced in US$, so the above numbers are a snapshot and may have changed when you look at the @MAP10K account.

Income includes rewards and token trading profits but excludes token sales.

The Asset Backed Value (ABV) is our total holdings calculated in STEEM divided by the number of active MAPX tokens, whether staked or unstaked. This shall be used as the lowest price we offer MAPX tokens on the Steem Engine market.

If VVS > 1.0, then MAPX stake-holders are getting upvotes of greater value than the par 0.1% per token.

If VVT > 1.0, then MAPX tokens are under-priced on the market and good value to buy.

Full details of how the MAPX token operates can be found at New MAPX Token for Upvotes and Value Growth.

Any questions, please ask in the comments below.

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