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MAPX Report: News, Updates & Free Votes - ADDAX - 23 September 2019

A change in post layout across the MAP FinTech programs to now include general crypto news.


Good to see so many MAPX token holders posting. I can see the messages announcing ADDAX going out. I do switch those off when I see a user has posted, but if you receive two or three, well... lucky you!

Talking of ADDAX, the game starts in a few short hours. Please read this latest post. A reminder that you don't have to be there at the very start; you can buy and sell the ADDAX tokens at any time during the 28-day game. The profits in the two recent trading games have been in the range of 0.8-0.9% per day, hence plenty of time to accumulate some extra profits even if you miss the bargain tokens at 1 or 2 cents.

As I've been having a look at the membership list, I notice that many people have just a few tokens. Now, I wonder whether some are just holding them for some of the extra bonuses, such as extra upvotes. This happens on MAPR too, where very small holdings are kept almost like lottery tickets.

This is fine, and is a valid strategy, but just be aware that upvote values are now non-linear, so that increasing one's tokens will increase the value of the upvote by more than merely proportional. So, if you double your tokens from just 10 to 20, your upvote will increase by a bit more than double. Just something to be aware of in case you wish to maximise your MAPX token benefits.

Crypto News

Why Has Brazil’s Central Bank Included Crypto Assets in Trade Balance?

CBDCs of the World: The Benefits and Drawbacks of National Cryptos, According to Different Jurisdictions

The concept of CBDCs (central bank-issued digital currencies) has been steadily drawing the attention of numerous jurisdictions worldwide, but will it prove to be an efficient solution? It is time to delve deeper into the idea of state-backed cryptocurrencies and go through some major examples.

Interesting background to the announcement in Brazil.

All going to plan - the removal of cash because of its anonymity and freedom.

A small plug for our big brother, MAXUV!

OK, time for a random bonus upvote!

Today's 10% upvote goes to... @mistakili. Congratulations!

You get a 10% upvote from MAPX and an upgrade to 2 votes per day for 10 days.
(If there are no recent posts that can be voted, you will still get the double votes set up.)

Enjoy your day!

We have opened up a former MAP channel on Discord for anyone seeking advice or more information regarding any MAP FinTech program. You can find us here.

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