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MAPX News: Update - 5 September 2019

A short communication today.

The TULIP Mania Game will finish on Saturday. We hold a number of such tokens and there will be the usual shuffling of cash and tokens around the MAP FinTech programs to both balance the books and to ensure everybody can cash out their tokens as quickly as is feasible.

On this last point, the slowdown in the token market is placing some strains on some programs. We have plenty of assets but only hold a modest amount in liquid coins such as STEEM and STEEMP. In order to increase future liquidity, MAPX has started to power down some SP. This is merely to ensure funds are available if needed in the future; any STEEM not needed for trading purposes will be powered up again. MAPR has worked like this for many months and both MAPX and MAPXV will follow the same system.

As stated yesterday, as a bonus for existing members, I am changing our random (almost) daily upvote to an upvote plus doubling the number of upvotes per day. I know this is worth more to some than to others, hence keeping the one-off 10% upvote.

Given the current market slowdown, this is a good time for those with spare cash. I notice that MAXUV still has plenty of tokens priced below 1 STEEM and that MAPX's price has also fallen slightly. As the services haven't changed, this is merely a reflection of the STEEM currently circulating in the market.

On the up-side, today saw a spike up in the price of STEEM. Let's see if it sparks a more sustained rally.

A small plug for our big brother, MAXUV!

So what's the difference bwteen MAPX and MAXUV? Well, MAPX is currently much better for small token-holders. So if you only have 1 STEEM, then MAPX may be more useful; if, on the other hand, you have 100 STEEM, then MAXUV starts to be the better bet.

Have a fine day!

OK, time for a random bonus upvote!

Today's 10% upvote goes to... @libertycrypto27. Congratulations!

You get a 10% upvote from MAPX and an upgrade to 2 votes per day for 10 days.

Enjoy your day!

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