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MAPX News: Random Upvotes & New MAXUV Vote Bond Promo - 21 August 2019

Time for a mid-week round-up of progress with the MAPX program. Sadly, not much to report!

Which isn't in itself bad, as at least I don't have to announce falling prices and dwindling upvotes. I hope by now those of you who read these posts understand that all the programs I run are based around the Steem economy as it operates using its native STEEM currency.

So, for example, yes the Dollar price of STEEM is nothing to cheer about, but the value of our upvotes in STEEM have actually been rising slightly. Partly due to some delegated SP being returned but also because the value of a Steem upvote has been rising the past week.

The last time I did a bonus 10% upvote, it was valued at 0.0538 STEEM; today's upvote (see below) came to 0.0553. That may seem minuscule, but it's a 3% increase. In the broader context, that translates into 3% more on most upvotes, a bit more curation rewards and a slightly faster growing SP.

There are still just under 9,100 MAPX tokens out in the wild, so to speak, with sales turning sluggish. No great surprise, although as posted in our weekly statement the token remains good value at the current market price. With just 6 days to go till the guillotine drops, I suspect many are just waiting to see what happens.

The ADDAX game finishes on the same day of joy, so I hope MAPX will be able to cash-out some profits to plough back into our SP.

A small plug for the new MAXUV token. Sales today have been very good and its collective SP is growing nicely. One important update regarding the new MAXUV token is that the minimum balance required to receive upvotes is now 10 tokens. The second important change is that MAXUV is currently giving out up to two votes per day, just until its SP reaches the first optimum level.

Here, again, is the MAXUV launch post and the Steem Engine MAXUV market.

Have a fine day!

OK, time for a random bonus upvote!

Today's 10% upvote goes to... @bwar. Congratulations!

A 10% upvote from MAPX is equivalent to 100 MAPX tokens and today is worth 0.0553 STEEM. (Nicely up as our SP increases.)

Enjoy your day!

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