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MAPX Daily News: Random Upvotes & New MAXUV Vote Bond Token Launched - 15 August 2019

Today was wholly taken up with preparing and launching our new MAXUV token.

MAPX now has some 9,040 tokens sold and about 8070 staked. I may actually stop quoting these numbers as the total is likely to drift towards 10,000 and the staked tokens may oscillate as people buy and sell.

May I remind @honoru and @mariannewest to please undelegate; thanks to @mcoinz79 for doing so yesterday and have sent 0.5 MAPX tokens as full payment for 10 out of the 20 days mining till the next token.

Today I've launched another vote bond token.

MAXUV is different as it is an open-ended fund and (assuming the mathematics works) should benefit many more investors.

So, here is the MAXUV launch post and the Steem Engine MAXUV market.

Having designed a universal upvote bond does not mean that my attention has shifted away from MAPX or MAPXV. Just as there are so many similar investment funds with minor variations, so our vote bonds may mature into more targeted products. One major advantage of our closed funds is that profits are shared among fewer tokens and so may grow faster than a much larger fund.

I hope you will all have a read of the MAXUV document and let me know if you have any questions about it.

Have a fine day!

OK, time for a random bonus upvote!

Today's 10% upvote goes to... @forykw. Congratulations!

A 10% upvote from MAPX is equivalent to 100 MAPX tokens and today is worth 0.0476 STEEM.

Enjoy your day!

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