Students Reveal Their Biggest Fears about College

Students Reveal Their Biggest Fears about College.png

Countless high school students start thinking about college earlier every year. Regardless of when a high schooler starts to ponder college, the thought of something so different can spark uncertainties, which can lead to anxiety and, ultimately, to fears.
Here are the top 10 fears students wrote about college.

  1. Starting a New Life with No One I Know
  2. Not Being Able to Positively Impact the World
  3. Losing My S.O. over a Long-Distance Relationship Struggle
  4. Meeting the Wrong People Who Get Me in Trouble
  5. Not Being Able to Maintain Good Grades
  6. Making New Friends
  7. Picking the Right College
  8. Being Accepted for Who I Am
  9. College Fees and Debt
  10. Choosing the Right Major

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